It is almost common in all cultures that after breaking up with your guy, it is hard to concentrate in work and your daily life comes to stand still. You cannot stop thinking about him and so many other complications arise. So do you want to give another chance to your past relationship? Here are some tips that might help you to get your ex boyfriend back.

• Control your emotion:

Almost all the girls become very emotional after the break up. The whole world seems to be meaningless to them. They are found to be sobbing and grumbling continuously. This is the first mistake done by every girl. Stop being driven by over emotion. This will not help you to get back with your guy. So the first tip is to control your emotion. Stop crying and do not let your thought be driven by your emotion, but conscience.

• Do not compel your ex boyfriend or yourself:

If you got dumped by your boyfriend then do not pressurize him by calling him over and over again. However, if you dumped your boyfriend think before making the call. Try to figure out why you got dumped by your ex or why you dumped him. Was it just an emotional decision or is there any logical valid reason behind it? Always remember relationships are not a game, it is an important part of your life. So you need to be sure before taking any step. Try to make up your mind whatever the reason behind this breakup is and if you are ready to work on that, even if it requires any compromise. This is because you certainly do not want to regret about the decision of getting your boyfriend back, in future.

• Do not criticize about him to your mutual friends:

This is the most important tip. Do not nitpick about your boy friend behind his back to your mutual friends. This is never going to help you, rather it will make the whole situation unnecessarily complicated. What usually happen is that one friend will tell another friend and so on and this thing will eventually throw up to your man in some other way which you did not mean to do. So instead of criticizing, share the good moments of your relationship, tell them about his positive sides, this is going to leave a good impression on his mind if he came to know it.

• Create an impression:

If you got dumped then never give him a feeling that you want to get him back because of your sake. Try to build an impression that will make him realize that it is him who needs you. Do not talk too long with him if he calls. If he sends you text messages try to reply it simply, do not exaggerate your emotion. Neither ignore him nor try to get intimate to him. Try to act casually with him. Guys always want what they cannot have. So never lose your self-esteem and make him wish that he never broke up with you.

On the contrary if you the one who dumped your boyfriend then try to re-build his self-esteem. Share the actual reason of your breaking up with him. Try to make him realize that he is the one for you and you really want to give him another chance because he is worth it.

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