Women have a soft corner for the men they love. If you have wronged her in some way, then she is sure to be upset or even angry with you, but on the other hand, she will get back to you if you have not made a major mistake or if you have not hurt her too much. There are many women who get angry at that particular moment and then they forget it, but if they have made the decision to split with you in the heat of the moment, then you have a great chance of getting back with your wife or girlfriend.

So here are some methods that will help you get back together.

Meet her inadvertently

You should also keep a record of where she goes daily? What is her daily schedule? This is not to stalk her, but to try to woo her back with a gentleness that she has never seen in you. Try to follow the same path where your ex passes through daily. In every interaction, whenever you see her, keep a silent smile on your face. Look into her eyes with love and innocence.

Simultaneously, think confidently that she is appreciating you in her mind as you give her that smile which shows your ex that you are always happy, cheerful in every situation. After 2 to3 times, these smiles will start their work. She is sure to think only about you all day and night, that is, if she really loves you. This will create a soft corner in her mind and it will automatically bring you both together.

Kindle the jealousy in her

The other way is that you need to make friendship with her closest girl friend. You must pretend that you are having an affair with her. Try to get closer to this friend in front of your ex, if possible. She will be completely disturbed out and will suddenly feel that she needs you. Once she seems to be drawing near to you, you should start to behave normally with her. You must have an innocent air about you. You should behave so naturally as if nothing has happened. Use this trick 4 to 5 times and you would have won her back.

Use friends to good effect

What are friends for if they are not able to get you both back together? There are sure to be hundreds of mutual friends and they should be used to good effect if you really want to try to get back with your ex. Do not think of ego at this time as it will not help you. The fact of the matter is if you want to get back with your ex or not. If you really need to get back, then you should go down and ask the help of your mutual friends. This will help you guys to patch up. As soon as a woman knows that you have given up your ego and have asked your friends for help to get back to her, she is sure to forgive and forget all that has happened before!

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