Children need the love of their parents. They need their parents to spend time with them too. There are many parents who try to do a lot for their children, but they forget to do the simple and small things that matter more to the child. As parents, they think of the things that are more important to them. The parents think on a different wavelength. They think of what they are going to earn for their child and what they are going to give to them. The child is on a different wavelength.

All that the child needs from the parents is a small amount of quality time. Other than this, the child also needs some care and affection, someone who will play with the child and be with them. As a parent, if you are able to do this, then the child will be very happy with you than when you do anything else.

There are various methods that you can use as parents to build a very good bond with your child. Some of these methods are listed here.

1. Play with the child:

It may sound silly for you to be playing with your child, but you should remember that you should spend time with your child in play. More than spending time doing anything else, playing with the child will make the person to be very close to you. The reason for this is that the child is more inclined to play than do anything else. So, if you are able to spend time playing, you will get very close to your child and have a bond that will strengthen as the child grows up.

2. Listen to your child:

There are times when your child will talk to you. These days, children rarely spend quality time with their parents. This may be because of the education and other activities that your child has. As parents, you may also be very busy with your regular work. So try to spend time with your child and that will help the child to bond with you. Be a silent listener. Many times, as parents, we are tempted to find solutions for our children, but remember the more solutions they find for their problems, the better they will be in learning and solving life's lessons and problems. So be a person who is able to listen to your child.

3. Spend time with your child:

The child needs to spend some time with your, when there is no other person who is disturbing the child. It is very important for the child to be close to you right from a young age. This will help the child to become better. As you spend time with your child, the child will learn your values and principles and this will help them to become better people.

4. Go out with them:

As parents it is very necessary to break the monotony and try to get them out of the regular routine. Go to a place where you are alone and carefree. You will not have any of the burdens of routine life. This will help you and your child to have a quiet time of reflection. This is the time when the child will be able to gel more with you than anything else.

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