Shopping is fun and art at the same time. While we shop to meet our needs, it is also a fun in itself and spending a day at mall is quite attractive idea, especially for ladies population. At times we buy things impulsively and at times we do it out of a need. Whatever the purpose may be, whether it is just because you like anything or you really need it you must look for options where you can get a thing worth paying for. You must not regret later on as this is the worst feeling a shopper could ever experience because most of the times shops do have 'no return no exchange' policy, especially if you have bought something on sale. Following are a few tips to consider while shopping so that you can end up having a thing worth your money.

While Shopping for Clothes:

• Look for the high quality ones so that you can be sure of having a piece you can wear the next time after washing.
• Don't take risk on sizes, especially when you are visiting a mall you can't afford reaching every now and then. Its better not to shop for someone about whose size you are not sure of or if necessary shop from a nearby mall so that you can reach the place in case you need an exchange.
• If you think you may need an exchange for size or color, confirm before hand if the shop/mall have such policy.
• It's better to try the clothes each time you buy one, so as to avoid the fatigue of revisit and exchange.
• It has been noticed that people compromise on things like color or a 19-20 size difference especially if they are getting something good on sale; however, this should be avoided because it has also been noticed that such clothes don't come much in use later on and people only repent looking at them hanging in their cupboards.
• Always ask if discounts are available because other than fixed price shops, there is a great margin between price tagged there and price you will actually pay.

While Shopping for Toys for Kids:

• Again, go for quality toys not just because it is a matter of your child's interest and likeliness but also because they are durable and do not break as soon as your child starts using it.
• Make a mind before leaving for toys shopping as to what you want and what is your budget. It is important because one of the most common things noticed among parents is that they end up spending more on each item and buy more than what they have planned for. This will only disturb your budget. Think about it prudently without being emotional; after all, you are buying some thing for your kids if not every thing.
• Involve the child in the process so that he may develop his interests and know what he likes and what not.
• Always check two to three toy shops before making a final decision. You might get same thing at different prices from different shops. Thus it is better to check some shops before selecting one so as to avoid paying high for what you can get at a lower price.

While Shopping for Shoes:

• Take time to check for the size of the shoes and try it in a way that ensures perfect fit. It has been noticed many times that people check shoes hastily which results in them buying a pair that is uncomfortable when it comes to fitting.
• Take note of your toe, it must fit perfectly in and the shoes must not be too tight for the toe or you will remain restless throughout the time you have them on your feet.
• Look in the mirror to make sure you like the shoes because sometimes you may like the shoe when it is in front of you but you may not feel good about them when you put them on.
Applying these tips will help you shop as a savvy shopper and then you will be satisfied that you have paid the right amount for the right thing.

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