Debt is one of the most dreaded words for many people. There are many people out there who are deep in debt. They all need to get out of debt to lead a happy and peaceful life. If you are in debt, it seems as if you work hard and get your pay and within a few days, all of the money that you worked so hard to earn is gone. In fact, the money is gone in a jiffy that you feel that it is a tough life.

Yes, indeed it is a tough life, but only if you have been making the money and the debt to rule you. There are some simple steps that will help to make you debt free. If you are deep in debt, then you will have to make a plan to get rid of the debt. Once the plan is made, you will have to stick to the plan till you are out of debt. The various steps that you need to take in your bid to become debt free are as follows.

1. List out the debts:

The first step that you have to take in your bid to overcome the debts is to list out all the debts. This is the primary need. Once you have been able to list all the debts, you can actually plan to try and finish them off one by one. Another thing that you can do with the loans and debts is to consolidate them. All these will be possible only if you list all the loans initially.

2. Categorize them:

The next step after the listing of the debts is to make them into various categories. These categories can be in various forms. You can try to make them in categories that are based on the rate of interest. The higher rates can then be repaid quicker than the ones that have a low rate of interest. Other than the categorization based on the rates, you can also categorize them on similar debts that can then be consolidated.

3. Consolidate debts:

The best thing that would happen to a person who has had many loans is to consolidate these debts. Many people ignorant of this would think that there is no benefit in consolidation. To tell the truth, there are a lot of benefits in consolidating the various loans. It is much easier to track the various loans if they are all consolidated. Just imagine that you have 5 different loans and you have to track each of their payment dates each month and then actually pay off these debts on the right date. It is a big chore. If you have consolidated all the loans, then you will have to track only one debt. Some companies also give a better rate when you consolidate all the debts.

4. Repayment:

The repayment should be done promptly. If you delay the repayment of the loan, then you will only help the cause of the companies that are waiting to pounce on you once you make a delayed repayment. You may have a penalty that you have to pay because of the delay. Other than that, you may also have to deal with a decreased credit score. To prevent all these, it is better to repay on time.

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