Amazon is one of the biggest online marketplaces for books, both old and new. You can easily search for books that you specifically want because of its very detailed listing. You will also find eBooks and eZines (or electronic magazines). It is built and organized to easily satisfy anyone's selling and buying needs. Plus, they have a range of simple tools that you can use which helps in achieving selling and buying goals in a fast, cost-effective and efficient way. Starting to sell used books on Amazon is just an easy but long process. After you register and create an account, you need to post the title of book you wish to sell, decide on its price and type an accurate and detailed description about the book and its current condition. These are just basic steps. The following are some tips on how to sell books on Amazon successfully.
· If you are selling used books on Amazon, you will be given two options when you create an account. This will be your interest level. You have to decide if this will just be for short-term and that you are just going to list books that you are going to sell, or you will put up a your own online store and grow a steady serious business.
· If you want to know how to sell books on Amazon, you should be familiar with the Amazon Marketplace. This is where you sell your used books and other products. When you create an account, you can list all the used books that you are going to sell for free. Amazon will ask you for the code number or ISBN number of books. You can post pictures if you want and provide more specific and accurate descriptions of your books, though these are not required. A checklist of all possible book conditions is provided and you just have to check on the description of your book. You do not have to pay anything for listing. When you sell used books on Amazon this way, you will be charged only when your listings are actually sold.
· Not all books have a code number. Most books published over 20 years ago do not have a code. You cannot list a book or any product without it and the only way to sell these products is by creating an Amazon shop. Selling used books on Amazon shop will cost you monthly charges. Even if you have all the code numbers, it is more preferable to put up your own online shop when you are selling used books on Amazon as a serious business. It will cost you lesser on monthly charges with Amazon shop than selling charges on the individual book listings.
· When you list a book, you will see the prices that other sellers are charging for the similar book. You would want to post a price one cent less than the lowest competitor's price if you want your book sell right away. It is important to check in on the competitor's prices because you will need to always lower your prices for your books to sell.

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