This is an excerpt from what I saw and observed during my three hour stint at my window on a cloudy afternoon when I was forced to spend time indoors recovering from a surgery.

The first person I saw was an elderly man may be around 70. He was cycling his way along. The peculiarity was the way he had decorated his cycle. Handle bars were decorated with different colored flowers of plastic. The pedals were attached with paper fans of different colored paper and the fans wings were fluttering in the air crossing the cycle, when the cycle was moving and it was really a sight to watch. He had the back seats filled with a big toy of the shape of mickey mouse, again hand made by him from multicolored paper and cloth mix.

Then came a street cleaner with his load of garbage collected from the streets nearby. He emptied the garbage on a mat he was carrying with him. Then started segregating the plastic waste, bottles, metal cans etc separately into his bag and then transferred the other waste, which is of no use to him to make money immediately into the street garbage bin. Then left with his bag and cart to make a collection of garbage from other streets.

I am a nature lover, so I Spent hours watching squirrels and crows and other birds which, I am lucky to watch everyday near my house from my window. Today I saw a crow and decided to watch it for some time. It started plucking from the branch of a tree , a twig for his nest construction. The branch was a bit hard. But nevertheless, it went on trying and finally succeeded in getting a few twigs and went for two three trips to the place of nest building to carry all the twigs. Then it went about sharpening its beak in the bark of the tree. Then it simply sat for some time in the branch. It was of course turning its head in all possible angles and directions , and again with very small gaps in time. Seeing this, I felt that the computer users can learn from here, an exercise which is very basic and can help us get over neck and back pain as well as finger ache and also eye strain reduction. If we can take a few minutes break from our work on computers and move our head slowly , with eyes closed to avoid staring into the computer, in all possible directions slowly and stopping at each position for a moment or two, then it can make a big relief to our back and neck. We can also use the time to extend to a few basic exercises for the eyes. We can close the eyes and imagine a big clock and move our eyes from 1 to 12 in the clock , first in the clockwise direction slowly and then in the anticlockwise direction. We can follow this up with drawing Christmas star in the mind by moving the eyes. We can also write in big letters the numbers from 1 to 100 in the mind . It can be extended as per the liking of the person to draw different shapes . I am following these exercises and am able to feel the fruit of it. In fact one of my friends told me , that his friend got spondylitis cured to a large extent by simply following these basic exercises.

Then a saw a squirrel trying to cross the road using the cable wire across the road at a good height. The squirrel was small and was cautiously crossing. When it was half way through , a crow sat on the cable at a distance on the path of the squirrel. The squirrel was in a dilemma , as it had already crossed most of the distance and it has to go back a long way. At the same it was afraid of the crow also. Then it took a decision. Went very fast towards the crow. The crow simply flew away. and the squirrel safely reached the other end.

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