If you would like to be a good employee in your company, it is not just up to you. You need to be in the god books of the boss as well as your colleagues. A good relationship with the people working with you is very important, but is not always possible because of various reasons. Read about how to try to be a good employee by pleasing and trying to understand your colleagues.

Look for and focus on the "best" parts of your immediate boss:

Just about every boss has both good points and bad. When you're negative about your boss, the tendency is to focus on his worst traits and failings. This is neither positive for your work happiness nor your prospects for success in your organization. Instead, compliment your boss on something he does well. Provide positive recognition for contributions to your success. Make your boss feel valued. Isn't this what you want from him for you? If you give good comments, then the boss is likely to do the same to you too.


There are times when your boss is unlikely to change, the person who shows up to work every day has taken years and years of effort on her part to create a personality and may not change instantly. So, instead of trying to change your boss, focus instead, on trying to understand your boss's work style and work according to that style of functioning.

Learning how to read your boss's and colleague's moods and reactions is also a helpful approach to communicate more effectively with them. There are times when you don't want to introduce new ideas because of the situation. Each of us are humans and our mind works simultaneously. If the boss or colleagues have problems at home or if a relative is in failing health, it is sure to affect each of your workplace behaviors and openness to an improvement discussion.

Additionally, if your boss regularly reacts in the same way to similar ideas, explore what he fundamentally likes or dislikes about your proposals.

Try to be nice.

There are times when people who keep giving you a tough time, change by themselves if you repeatedly ignore their bad behavior towards you and give them a great smile and be your normal happy self to them. Though this is tough and there may be times when this plan backfires with the colleagues take advantage of your good behavior and make your life harder in the office.

Change the office.

If your company is a big one and if you want to create an impression, then you can try to change your department so that you start working in another place where the people are newer and it is a place where they recognize your efforts. The change in the office should be a last resort because it means that you have given up on your colleagues and that should not be the case.

There are times when you will have to work with all of them in spite of the lack of recognition and you should be ready to do that too.

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