Career development is not an easy task. You must have always heard about things that can help you progress in your career but a very few people talk about things that must be avoided so as to ensure your career remains right on the track towards progress. This article will share with you a few things that can hurt your career growth, so beware!

The very first thing in this regard is not taking the education matters seriously. You must have seen many people in your lives who do not consider education as a key to their success. They think experience as an alternative to education. However, these two things must not be confused as they both have their own importance and thus cannot replace each other.

Second thing that can hurt your career severely is lack of planning. Tough job market is a bitter fact of today's economy and more than often this forces people to join careers they have never thought of joining. Pressures of inflation and unemployment are so severe that people can't resist following the track they have never planned for. I am not saying you should not take a job if it's not a job you have planned of doing however this is also important to have career plan and even if, due to current economic pressures, you have joined a job that doesn't lead you to your desired destination you must think and consider other job opportunities that comes your way. Keep focused on your career plan and keep a keen eye on the jobs that can take you where you have planned of landing.

Next thing which you should consider is the line between professionalism and unprofessionalism. For example, sharing your personal matters in office environment can tag you as unprofessional. People at work definitely don't want to know what's going on with your kids or your husband's behavior with you. If you feel that people at your workplace have a bit of chatty nature, do mingle with them while maintaining respect for professionalism as otherwise you might not feel comfortable in the environment. Only key to tackle this is by keeping balance.

Next thing to strictly avoid while in workplace is to have an unethical relationship with your boss. Don't think it would help you in any way because matters such as this one don't take a second to invite gossip about you and once this happen you will lose all your respect among your colleagues and feel highly uncomfortable once the thing is open.

If you are in initial stages of your career never think lying as a good idea to secure a job. Exaggerating things on your resume and not able to meet the set standard later on will only leave a bad impression and in severe cases firing, which is definitely a serious threat to your career.

When in workplace, strictly avoid gossiping and criticizing excessively. This will only result in your own bad reputation as it is highly negative to gossip but will also put you in the category of troublemakers.

Then there are a few obvious but often neglected things you must take into account while in workplace and that is, drinking, smoking, drugs etc. You should strictly avoid these things in work premises as this will severely damage your credibility and reputation.

Another important thing to avoid is frequent job switching. If you are in habit of switching the job for the sake of a few extra bucks you have to leave this habit at your earliest. This will not only pose questions on your loyalty with the organization you are working for but will also portray a greedy image of yours. By doing this you will lose the chance of getting offers for good posts later on. Another similar thing is leaving a job with bad remarks from the employer. This must not happen as previous employer's remarks counts a lot when it comes to getting next job. So being careful in these matters is very important.

There are many other things you must take note of as they can help build your career. By keeping your eyes and ears open you can see many opportunities that can help and avoid many adversities that can damage your repute, so be attentive!

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