Zoo Zoo's are the aliens that are depicted on the Vodaphone advertisement in India. These are creatures that look like extra terrestrial animals. The only aspect that is stunning about them is that though they look very much like the many cartoon characters, they are real people in the dress that looks like cartoons. This has made them very unique.

The Zoo Zoo's have taken the country by storm because of various reasons.

1. Prime time advertisements: The Indian Premier League is a cricket league that has taken the country by surprise because of the fan following that the game has. The millions of people who watch the matches were all mesmerized by thee small animal like creatures that act in a different way, but seem to be like humans in many of their activities.

2. Unique advertisements: Every person will like advertisements that are unique and also easy to understand. The Zoo Zoo's advertisements satisfy both these categories. They are very unique and easy to understand. They are many in number and so people do not get bored of these advertisements at all.

3. Frequent changes in advertisement: There are very frequent changes in the advertisements of the company and this has resulted in almost new advertisements being beamed each day. This has also kept the people rooted to their television sets trying to guess and see what the day's advertisement would be about.

4. Simplicity of the advertisements: The advertisements are very simple to follow and they convey a very simple message each day. There are many other advertisements that are being beamed by other companies that most people are not able to understand. The reason for this is that some of them talk about something that is specific to a particular group of people and the others do not understand the concept. The advertisements that feature the Zoo Zoo's on the other hand, usually talk about simple aspects of the life and this has made them to be unique.

These advertisements of the Zoo Zoo's have also been helping many people. They seem to have relieved people off their stress. This great stress busting advertisements have been effective in countering the stress that is caused when people watch certain cricket matches that are very closely contested. These advertisements also have been helping many kids. Almost all kids are engrossed by the visuals that are beamed on television. This has made people to follow them on Twitter. There are many small kids who are being calmed down by their parents through the Zoo Zoo commercials.

The popularity of the Zoo Zoo advertisements can be seen through the amazing number of followers for these commercials that has alien like humans. There are many you tube videos that have been uploaded and there are also many followers for the Zoo Zoo's on Twitter. The popularity of these advertisements seem to have rubbed off on the company that is producing these commercials, Vodaphone and they seem to be successful in garnering a higher share of their sales and increased revenue.

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