There are various principles that are involved in interviewing the person. Interview is a method of selecting the right employee in an organization. There are various methods of selecting an employee. These include written tests, group discussions, interviews and various other methods. Some companies use all of these methods. When an interview is conducted, there are certain principles that have to be followed by the individual to conduct the interview.

The various methods that should be used in the process of interviewing are as follows:

1. Offer a comfortable environment:

The interviewer should make sure that the person being interviewed is in a comfortable position. This will help to ensure that the comfort does not cause a disruption in the thought process of the person. It should be remembered that even the best people falter in an interview. A comfortable place makes the individual facing the interview panel to be as much at ease as possible.

2. Conduct interview according to a preplanned outline:

The interview should be planned and go on in a smooth and planned manner. There are many people who conduct interviews in a haphazard manner. This will not only confuse the person answering your questions, but it will also make the person think ill of you and your company. To prevent this, try to be systematic and methodical in asking various questions.

3. Explore the applicant's background and future plans:

As part of the interview process, you should try to make sure that you know what the future plans of the person are. This will help you to know if the long term or short term plan of the person is to work in your company. This is a very important part of the process of the interview .The reason is that if you are not able to assess the person and find if he will stay in your company for a long time, then you will be wasting your time training the person, only for the person to leave your company to your rival company.

4. Encourage the applicants to talk freely by asking non directive, open-ended questions:

The type of questioning method that is employed by the interviewer also plays a major role in what is being answered by the individual. A person who asks open ended questions will be able to get more open answers that are in detail. Close ended questions usually get a monosyllable reply from the person who is answering.

5. Encourage questions by applicants:

As part of the interview process, listen actively and talk sparingly to facilitate self-revelation by applicant. This is an important attribute that will bring out the various thoughts and ideas of the individual. It will also help you to know more about the person and help you to decide if the person is the right one for the company or not.

These are some of the various principles that are involved in the interviewing of a candidate before the person is selected to work in your company.

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