Saving water may seem funny to many people who suffer frequently from floods and other natural disasters, but even they will tell you that conserving water is a very important factor that has to be understood not only by the governments of all the countries, but also by each and every individual citizen of the country. There are some countries that have no water problem as of now, but as time goes on, there will be water problem in almost all countries due to various causes.

Causes of water problem and water scarcity:

1. Salination of the drinking water:

The salination of the water is a very major problem that needs to be addressed. The water in the coastal areas slowly becomes salty because of the sea water replacing the ground water. This happens because of the uncontrolled use of the ground water by all the people of the country, especially in the coastal areas.

2. Decreasing ground water levels:

There is always a slow decrease in the ground water level because of the lack of rain water replacing the ground water. The rain water that falls just flows off into the sea and this should be controlled to try to make the ground water level to increase. The water table as it is called is a table that shows the water level under ground in various parts of the place. The deeper it is, the more difficult it is for those who want to use the water.

3. Global warming:

Global warming has also started paying a major role in the cause of water scarcity in the world. The increase in the global temperature by even a small rise in the temperature can cause the changes in the seasons which can again lead to a decrease in the rain that falls over the whole earth and this can acuse water scarcity leading to decreased productivity in the lands which can lead to hunger and death all over the world. The water scarcity in already dry land can cause the formation of new deserts.

4. Increased consumption of water:

As the population in the world keeps increasing, there is an increased consumption of water from all people around the world. This has led to a decrease in the water that is available for cultivation. Increased consumption of water is one of the primary reasons for the water scarcity. This can be prevented by each individual taking it as a challenge to reduce the consumption of water.

5. Decreased rainfall:

The decreased rain fall that is resent due to the various reasons that have been mentioned like global warming has also led to increased water scarcity in the world.

6. Changes in the seasons:

There has also been a change in the seasons around the world because of the changing climate which is related to the global warming. The change in the seasons also causes decreased rainfall and this can also cause decreased water in the ground leading to water scarcity.

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