People are not bothering about the food that they eat. Many people use food that has been laced with various kinds of pesticides. Though there is a ban on various chemicals on the plants, farmers who want to try and increase the crop try to get a bumper crop by using all kinds of pesticides. This has only one result. It causes disaster in the long term by causing various kinds of health problems to the people who use these foods.

This is just one of the reasons for all of us to try and use organic foods. The organic foods are those that are grown in the places where there is no use of any kind of pesticides. There are many people who are not bothered about what foods they use because they do not see the condition where the food is grown. They also do not know what kind of fertilizers and pesticides are used. Finally, the consequences are also knot visible because it is not any acute problem that affects people.

All the foods that we eat only cause long term health problems if they are laced with pesticides. There are various other reasons for the people to use organic foods as compared to other kinds of food. They are all listed here.

1. Healthy:

The foods that are grown in the organic method are all very healthy. They will help to reduce the risk of various kinds of diseases. They also help in reducing the risk of being poisoned by the various chemicals that are used in the growth of the food. It is very important for the person who is eating to eat organic food, so that all these problems are prevented.

2. Food lasts longer:

The foods that are grown in the organic methods are able to last longer than the foods that are grown in the non organic methods. This is very useful for the person because this will prevent wastage of foods that usually happens with non organic foods. These non organic foods get spoilt very soon and are a waste of money.

3. Food is tasty:

Almost all the foods that are grown in the organic farming methods are tasty. The reason for this is that this is the natural growth. As the food crops are grown with artificial methods, they cause a lot of changes in the method of growing them and this leads to food that is very bland and is not tasty.

4. Cheaper to produce:

Though there are many people, especially farmers who think that farming organic methods will reduce the crop, they will be able to make more money if they use organic farming methods because the cost that they have to spend on the upkeep of the crops is very less. The amount of money that the person spends in the creation of good crops reduces so much that the venture will be profitable. The only thing that the person has to know is to use various organic methods of keeping the pests in the crops away. Use of neem oil and other methods can help the plants to grow organically.

Each and every farmer should make efforts to try and grow organic foods as this will help to grow better crops that are not only safe and healthy but also tasty too.

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