I Like U!!!! I Love U!!!! I Lust U!!!!

Now-a-days there are more friends of opposite gender than of same gender. So, almost every girl or boy likes a boy or girl daily! But, is that feeling just attraction? Or is it love? Or is it Lust? I kinda get amused to see people getting in and out of a relation so fast as they are getting in and out of their clothes. Why do we get in a relation if we don't really know what we feel for that person? Feelings are the most important part of our life but I think sometimes they are misused! If you like somebody then that somebody forces you to get in a relation for no specific reason. If you love somebody then your love is taken for granted, it is just used for their benefit by the other person. And, if you love somebody then why that love changes into lust in a short period of time?
OMG....What complications love brings....right guys????

Talking about Liking.....It is a sweet feeling you feel for a person. You like somebody for a special quality they possess. Sometimes, you like the smile or eyes or maybe figure or sometimes it is merely financial status. Liking somebody is OK but does it mean you have to get in a relation with that person? Can't you just like his/her quality and keep that feeling till just liking only????

Love...What is love? Love is just like a rose.....If you want the smell then you have to bear the thorns. There are many types of love...parental love, love for your sibling, love for your parents or simply just love for your friends. But hey....FALLING IN LOVE WITH SOMEONE is totally different. When you love someone its because you care for that person, its because you simply LOVE that person. But, FALLING IN LOVE is loving a person with all their flaws and qualities, liking each and every movement, every gesture, every single thing they do. You can fall in love with a person even for the silliest things they do.

Lust.....Lust is something like an intense desire. Liking a person deeply sometimes gives rise to LUST for that person, that person's body. In today's world, pure love is rare. Many of today's teenagers and even the married people feel lust for someone and consider it to be love. And, many times love is used just for lust.

Like, Love, Lust.....These three feelings are the journey from the reality to the best dream ever to the worst dream in your life. Its not that everyone has all the three experiences. And, no one can actually define the three of them. Any person who has experienced them can just tell about their experience. So people....What is your definition for LIKING, LOVE and LUST????

About Author / Additional Info:
I am a bubbly writer from India who wants to share my opinion and views about today's world.
I want to be a medium for the young generation to share their thinking throughout the world.