Material management is one of the most important parts of an industry or a company in the present time. A scientific technique that deals with the whole distribution and management process beginning from the purchase to delivery of the product is known as material management. By adopting material management a company can achieve an efficient handle of the central parts. Not only that by material management usage of energy, carbon emission, traffic jams etc can also be reduced. So it is like the key to success of a company nowadays.

As material management is very cost effective, the companies can be greatly profited by this. As the first step, a company need to manuscript the whole situation and features of the certain industry. After that, for a successful material management a full range of professional including architects, planner, environmental specialist, civil engineer must be appointed who will work together to make sure each and every sector is taken in hand. Without a good coordination between different sectors of an industry a effective material management system would not be possible.

The most valuable feature of material management is it assures environmental accountability. It will consider all the aspects of the industrial system and will fill the necessary loopholes in a systematic way and thus reduce the consumption of energy and the rate of environmental pollution. If you do not work in effective organized manner then you will not only lag behind in production but also in the other aspects which will hamper your production process and your company's reputation and would not give you the chance to fulfill the goal of your company within the range of acceptable energy consumption and environmental pollution. However, in order to apply material management in a company, the owners will be needed to invest a higher amount of money but they will be benefited in long run.

Now the question is how. A study shows that if the laborers work in polluted, dirty and disorganized atmosphere their work efficiency gets reduced. They face different kinds of health hazards and eventually company has to pay the medical bills. One of the leading Indian industries has already experienced the benefit of material management. By providing a better managing industrial area it has already reduces its operating cost along with a healthy environment for the workers who live and work there. In spite of the large amount of investment in the initial period for the application of material management, the company is now happy with their long run profit.

In the era of global warming carbon emission and energy consumption are the other crucial issues faced by different industries. Material management deals with these issues too. Not only has that it also ensures proper waste disposal (of both solid and hazardous waste) and recycling processes.

In today's high competitive world, the success of a company or industry depends on how effectively you can manage and invest you capital to achieve the best outcome. To achieve this aim, every company whether it is private, public, small or big has to adopt material management otherwise your company's success will be at stake.

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