Social networks have taken a place that seems to be unassailable. There are many kinds of social networks and they cater to different groups of people. Some of them cater to the needs of the people of certain countries and there are many others that are commonly used by people all over the world. There are also many new social networks that are starting each year. Only a few of them make it really big and examples of these are Twitter and Facebook.

The popularity of the social networks have made many people to try to become members of these and as these social networks evolved, they have become one of the best places to hang out. In the years gone, people used to go to the bar in town and hang out with friends, but these days, it is in the social networks that people sing solace following each other and also tweeting to each other.

There are many corporate companies that are trying to use the social networks to good effect. Some of them are trying to expand their business using the social networks. There are many individuals too who are trying to use the networks to their advantages. Some of them are trying to look for jobs and others are trying innovative ideas like using them for the internet marketing as well as affiliate marketing business.

The new platforms in some companies are trying to create their own social network for the employees of their company. They hope that when they try to woo the employees to their company's social networks they will be efficient enough for the employees and that they will make a great impact and increase the productivity of the company.

There are times when the issue can backfire too. The Infosys company based in India, which is the largest software exporter in India found that many of the employees in the company were using the social networks to bad mouth the company by making comments and allegations of suppression and very high working hours with decreased work space and environment that was not conducive for working.

To prevent this, the company started a blog were the employees were encouraged to air their views. The company hoped that the employees will have problems and the problems can be solved when they air these views on the blogs. The management was in for a surprise as the employees started using very crude language and started criticizing the management. It became difficult for the management to keep track of the number of blogs that the employees posted, but the company is thinking that at least the ability to release their stress will make their employees into better workers.

In this scenario, the creation of a social network within the companies may not seem to be a good idea, but there are many companies that are positive about the idea and are planning to start using these networks soon. It remains to be seen as to how the work culture of the employees will be affected.

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