There have been many inventions in the world which changed the way life was before them. One such invention through the development of technology is the computer. Technology has advanced so remarkably that those who are not using computers in their business are at a major disadvantage against their competitors. Computers deliver error-free output as long as the input is error-free too. Invention of the laptop, which is the portable version of a computer, has tremendously improved the way businesses operate in their respective industries. Laptops are now essential business tools for many professionals. Being lightweight and portable with wireless capabilities, offsite workers can now stay connected with the office at all times. There are numerous business specific software packages available for laptops. All kinds of businesses can benefit from the features that laptops bring with them.

The small size and less cabling is the most amazing feature that make laptops more preferred over PCs. Being compact, they do not occupy much space; they are far more simplified than the coiled web that PCs bring with them. Laptops come with a variety of user specifications and can even be custom built to suit the user's need. A good laptop model is wi-fi enabled. This means that out of the office, workers can log onto the internet using wireless hotspots. Laptops also support high speed wireless connectivity by syncing up with the internet at caf├ęs, restaurants et al. The mobile benefits of laptops are fairly obvious, and they are a great solution for taking work wherever one goes.

Laptops help speed up business operations. Companies are able to operate faster and produce quality results. One can easily manage group projects where the members can meet at one place, brainstorm and simultaneously note every discussion point on the laptop. This can then be shared with all the members of the group. It facilitates creation and management of workflows, preparation of comparative audit reports and delivery of client presentations from home or while traveling. In fact, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) facilitates phone calls using laptops. Laptops make operations smoother beyond compare. They are indispensable for out of office workers.

All the more, emerging technology makes new tools and services more affordable and allows companies to save on their other operational costs and office equipment. Because of the speed factor involved, work can be done faster and more efficiently. In addition, with networked and relatively inexpensive laptops, companies can store data at shared locations, facilitating easy file access from anywhere. Potentially profitable businesses can be started with a smaller overhead cost, thanks to the advent of laptops. Email capabilities decrease postage cost, software applications reduce the need for large accounting departments, while video conferencing reduces the need for travel. All resources saved can trickle down to the consumers, who can be provided with much more affordable products and services.

Laptops are one of the best products which have evolved through technological advancement. The low cost, easy usage and portability puts laptops way above desktops on the priority list of most users. They are more power efficient than desktops. They have also, very subtly, made it to the list of basic necessities in the modern world. So whether it has to aid at work or help de-stress after it, the magic lamp called laptop has it all. Being a part of the Dell laptop team at, I know that the market is flooded with several launches every now and then. The numerous variations and features in laptops available in the markets substantiate their relevance. Laptops have now become such an integral part of modern lives that a day without them is dreadful.

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