There are many cars manufacturers all over the world. Maruti Suzuki India Ltd is one of the leading companies in cars manufacturing. They have recently introduced Maruti Alto and this model is one of the most selling and popular model in India. This model provides the best mileage of 19.7 kilo meter per liter. This car is also certified from the Automotive Research Association of India.

This Maruti Alto model is one of the most selling brands in the India due to its high quality and low price. Maruti Alto has a petrol engine which is offering the best performance. One of the more attractive factors in this model is the ease to drive in heavy traffic.

This model of Maruti Suzuki India Ltd is believed to be the most beneficial car for a new car owner. Maruti Alto is equipped with four valves per cylinder MPFI, three cylinder, and FC engine with 32 Bit ECM. Maruti Alto is a 796cc car model. Its heavy engine enhances the life of your car. Alto's engine generates the maximum power of 47 Ps at 6200 rpm. If you want to purchase the petrol efficient car then Maruti Alto is the best option for you. This model covers 17 to 18 kilometers per liter in urban area and on highway it has a mileage of 21 kilometers per liter.

Price of Alto

Now I would like to discuss the prices of different models of this company. Maruti Alto's base price is 2, 28,823 Rupees in India. Maruti Alto LX has a 796cc engine and its price is 2, 60,196 rupees. It has the capacity for 35 liters in its tank. Maruti Alto LXi's price in India is 2,77,704 rupees and this model contains a petrol engine that has a mileage of about 14.6 kilometers per liter in the city and 18.9 kilometers per liter. This model also has a 796cc engine.

Other features

Maruti Alto has a great functionality about it. The instrument panels of Maruti have a large speedometer that is very easy to read. The trip meter and odometer are on the same digital LCD display. You can easily switch between Trip meter and odometer by using a button. Dash board cabinet contains enough space in it. You can easily store bare essentials in dash board. Maruti Alto's boot space is also more than enough. You can easily accommodate your large luggage in it.

Comfort features

Maruti Alto's AC is designed to turn even high temperatures in its tiny cabin into severe chillness within 5 minutes. Due to the unique qualities of Maruti Alto, it is very popular among the people of India. If you are buying your first car then Maruti Alto car is best for you, because of its unique qualities. The car has more qualities and functions as compared to other as well as when the price is considered.

Maruti Alto is one of the most affordable car models in India. Its maintenance expenses are also very low. You can purchase the Maruti Alto from the nearest car show room. Alto LX comes with Remote Fuel Lid Opener, AC, Fabric Seats its other top class models come with some extra features like cup holders and power Steering.

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