Sachin !!! Sachin !!!... these are the words which ever Tndian speaks whenever Sachin comes on to play .Nobody in their minds knew that a boy of merely 16 years would be one of the greatest batsmen in the history of cricket and a God of a religion which is not only played in India but also each and every heart is attached emotionally to this word 'cricket' and 'Sachin Tendulkar'. No matter you call him by how many names whether it be 'little master','little champion','god of cricket','master blaster' or 'the master'.

He still is a very down to earth person and a guy who is envied and taken as an inspiration by ever citizen of this country which treats him as a god as he is the most worshipped cricketer in the world.The master blaster's performances have earned him a fan following all over the world. There have been situations when the one billion people of whole country had to rely on one man. It is not shocking to know that when he was 25 he had more centuries and half centuries then his age. At an age of 37 he is still fighting and has surprised us.

Tendulkar's record has also been exceptional and he has always played well against quality pace and spin. His clashes with Shane Warne, have provided some excellent theatre. We have also seen him take on world's greatest spinners and he has taken them on and come out on top nearly every time. His technicalities are awesome to see and his range of strokeplay makes him the most awkward of customers against whom to bowl.

The fact that he has endured the pressure of expectation of one billion fans, and has been able to maintain his balance and his passion for the game is a great credit to him, his parents who obviously set an excellent foundation for him and for his country.

He cannot last forever so I make every effort to see him bat whenever I can as he is a rare gem, the like of which does not come along very often

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