There is nothing like the joy of reading. The printed letters, the weaving of the words, the characters which it expounds, often takes us to a beautiful world far away from the humdrum of life and reality. It peps our imagination and paints our perception with the varying colors of life. Reading has definitely helped in shaping our personality by augmenting our knowledge level and streamlining our thoughts. It is often said that "The Secret to Success is to know something nobody else knows" and the only way to make it happen is to read more and more.

The thought of reading often takes us back to those good old days, when as kids we used to rummage through the school library for books. Be it mythological or super hero stuff, the very sight of the comic books with all those graphics used to make our hearts racing. We might have vicariously done umpteen mischievous pranks with "Tom Sawyer", fought the unruly waves with "Sindbad the Sailor" and scurried through the imaginary streets of Malgudi with "Swami and his friends". Yes, it is true that books for long have enthralled us. It has helped in demystifying the complexities in life through mere character depictions. There is something to learn from each character that we have read about. Arguably, these books initially taught us the requisite life/social skills to cope with pressure/ expectations of growing up.

But, do we really get time to read now? Television, Computers and a host of other electronic gadgets have already made tangible inroads into our lives. We cannot imagine a world without computers or mobile phones. The fact is, slowly but surely, these media variants have slowly eaten into our leisure time. We prefer to sit in front of the television than grab a book to read. The younger generation is also following suit. They are hooked to television/ computers and it is taking a toll on their overall development. Though we get the same amount of information from mediums like television and computers, nothing can substitute the energy exuded by the printed letter. Reading inspires. It opens up new vistas for creative learning. Articulation comes through reading. And to be a good conversationalist, we need to have good articulative skills. We need to find time to read. It should not just end up as a habit. Rather, it should be a way of life.

Like a spa resort, a library is also a good place to stimulate your mental vibrations and replenish your thoughts. It is a place where the character comes alive from their nonchalant hard/ paper binds. From Shakespeare's enigmatic dramas to Rushdie's contorted world, you will get your palate full of adventure and entertainment from these ubiquitous books that we see around us. We just need to grab one and read!

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