The Indian stock markets have been on a bull run. This bull run has been an unprecedented one. Though many analysts predicted a double dip economy in the United States and told that the economic growth was bleak, there has been no sign of it, at least in the Indian economy. The United States economy is one of the largest and most powerful in the world. Many of the equity markets of the world are linked to the markets in the United States.

Though the Dow and the S & P Index have not performed too well in the recent past, the Indian markets and some of the other Asian markets have bounded ahead. There are various theories and various reasons for this. We will have a look at the reasons and what an investor can expect from the Nifty and Sensex in 2011.

Delinking: The theory is very exciting for Indian economic analysts. Though the Indian economy is linked to the United states economy in many ways,(all the economies are usually linked because of international trade), analysts feel that the markets are not completely linked as they were before. This is the reason for the bull run in the sensex and nifty.

Economic policies in India: The various policies of the government has also been conducive for growth of the nation and the economy. As the story unfolds, there is sure to be more such positive growth giving a boost to the economy and the industries.

Stability in governance: As the government is also stable, the economic policies are ongoing, causing a growth story to unfold. If there was turbulence in the political front, then the economy is also bound to be troubled and turbulent.

The role for the future:

The future may not be bleak for India, though there are various factors that can still cause minor and major hiccups on the way. The trouble with the European economy was the reason for the bear grip in the last few months. As all these are behind us, the Sensex and nifty are sure to chart a new path in the history of India.

There is sure to be various problems that can cause the nifty and sensex to fall over a period of few months, but at the end of it, there is sure to be another huge bull run. There are some economists and investors who are talking of a 'mother of all bull runs'. This may happen or may not happen, ut various pointers show that there is more chance of this happening than not happening.

As the economy grows, people are earning more and spending more. This has created a positive atmosphere in many industries. The growth is intact in India and this is the reason for the various foreign institutional investors to invest in Indian industries. So, if you have not invested in the stock market or have stood by the side lines thinking of the right time to invest, then this is the time. You can also wait for a correction, but start investing in Indian equity markets today!

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