The Indian Premier League never seems to be an arms length away from controversy. As much as it has helped the cricket in India to grow, the Indian Premier League has also made the cricket in India to look like unplanned and unorganized. There is one controversy after another. This is nearly expected because of the huge revenues that are earned by the most successful arm of the Board of Control for Cricket in India.

The latest controversy:

The latest controversy in a long line of controversies has been the way in which the auction for the fourth edition of the Indian Premier League was held and the free stake that was given to a woman who was close to the Union Minister of State for External Affair in the Government of India, Mr. Shashi Tharoor. He has already quit from the ministerial post after all hell broke loose after it came to light about the free equity and the role played by the Minister in helping the Kochi consortium win the bid for hosting a team for the next edition of the Indian Premier League.


Twitter has become the battle ground for the latest edition of the war of words with both Mr. Tharoor and Mr.Lalit Modi, the Commissioner of the Indian Premier League tweeting about each other and explaining their status on the public forum. The forum itself has become the place where the warring parties started their fight and it partly ended recently with the Minister resigning. The war though is far from over.

The war between the two groups has seemed to have opened a hornets' nest with the Government now trying to look at various angles of the bid process and see if there was transparency in the activities. Both Mr. Tharoor and Mr.Lalit Modi seem to have shot themselves in their foot in thie episode of the war. Lalit Modi may even be ousted from his post that he has held from the first edition of the Indian Premier League. This might be the last edition where he is at the helm.

The Government might look into all the details of the process of selecting teams, the bid process and also what is being done with all the money that comes into the coffers of the Indian Premier League and the Board of Control for Cricket in India. This is sure to bring out a lot of skeletons from the cupboard as a multi million dollar business like the Indian Premier League, that has grown manifold in the last three years could not have been possible without some kind of business deals. In fact even before the government has started investigating the various activities, allegations are flying thick and fast over the bidding process and also many other aspects of the Indian Premier League.

Whatever happens in the end, the game of Cricket and the Indian Premier League are at the cross roads and there will be a sea change in various aspects of the administration that will also rub on the players as well as the game itself.

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