Thoughts processing every second and minute, one after another, have any of you experienced it? I know it sounds queer and illogical to those who have not, but in my opine that makes you thoughtless, you could either be so ignorant of your thoughts or what you feel or rather what is happening around you every single second of your life, not to discover the amount of thoughts a mind can actually process at one time. The ability to think is the most prominent trait in human beings which extensively differentiates men from other living beings according to psychologists. So at one point or the other, one can say, it's impossible for a man not to think. But of course, there are people of different categories; some who pen every thought down, some who write sometimes and some who enjoys reading more than writing and some who just wants to be care-free and some who write and read as well, the best of the lot, I think.

Why am I talking so much about writing? I have my reasons and I shall tell you. Writing or may be just scribbling down little pieces of your thoughts is something that is essential in life, I'll say. One of many reasons is because it helps you to be reminded of things which you are to do or which you have done. Random thoughts penned down can bring out bigger ideas in you. Another is because when you write it brings you to face the things you do not want to express by voicing them. By writing one becomes aware of one's feelings, to weigh one's conflicting ideas, to realize one's visions etc. From a psychological view-point, writing letters, keeping journals and anything that has to do with writing helps in coping with the psychological problems one may face in life because it is a device of venting out suppressed emotions.

Virginia Woolf in her 'A Room of One's own' wrote, 'lock up your libraries if you like, but there is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of my mind', of course she meant it to the female writers of her time in a feminist perspective, but we can put this in general terms as well. In simple terms, this is what writing offers, as long as you have thoughts, you have the freedom to express them in writing, though whatever you write may be rejected by the existing norm or may cause political conflicts or anything resulting disagreement but it entirely depends on what topic one may choose to write on. In addition, one need not have the dictions holding profound meaning in one's writing. Writing in simple language is much preferred; comprehensible and self- explanatory to every reader. One can always refer to a dictionary or thesaurus to use words, and I on the other hand do not want my readers to hold a dictionary when reading my writings, which is why I stand my ground firmly on writing in simple language.

Now technology has changed many things; writing letters was the only way to connect or contact with dear ones or anyone far away, centuries earlier. I recall, in my high school days, writing letters to our sweethearts and crushes or pen-pals was something in vogue but not many people engaged in it but I did and I use to enjoy writing them for myself and for my friends who used to say they could not write well. When I look back in time, there is every reason why I should repel technology in some ways because something I loved doing was taken away from me not by choice but by necessity and compulsion. I mean no disrespect to the technologies I use today though. Somehow, if I could I'd love to bring back the culture of writing letters like a fashion trend among the youth of the day.
'Practice makes a man perfect', should I say I believe in this phrase? The reason being, when it comes to writing, no one is so adept to write a mind-boggling piece or anything as such while sleeping. Start from scratch, the extent to where your ability in writing goes may come as a surprise. I often hear people saying that they are not born to write. Who said writing is innate anyway? It definitely is not, but thoughts are. Thoughts come naturally and when you put them down in paper, it becomes 'writing'. Now this reminds me of the saying 'Rome was not built in a day', similarly a writer does not become a writer overnight, it takes practice to write, and when I say write, I mean exceptional writing, producing the extraordinary with a pen and paper. But take for example; did you think that J.K. Rowling had pen and paper or a notebook to write? Some people are not so fortunate like many of us are; in fact, she started writing her series of Harry Potter by scribbling her ideas in paper-napkins and now her books compiled together became one of the best-sellers in the world, an extra-ordinary production with a piece of paper-napkin. So now you understand what I mean when I say to write is essential.

It is not my intention to force anyone to take up writing if they do not wish to, neither am I saying everyone should write, I meant this to those who are interested in writing but think they are not good enough to write.

In conclusion, this writing is not based on any theories or follows any particular genre, or convention of writing. This is a mere production of unsystematic thoughts converged together making it a whole. Anyone with any argument, criticisms or comments on this essay is greatly valued.

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