Hyundai i10 was first launched in October 2007 and is a car produced by the Hyundai Motor Company. It is basically a city car which is manufactured only in India for the global market, except South Korea. Hyundai i10 is assembled in Chennai, India. This car is also known as Inokom i10 especially in Malaysia.


Hyundai i10 has three different varieties of engines. They are i10 iRDE 1.1, i10 Kappa 1.2 and i10 Diesel & i10 Electric. Hyundai i10 iRDE (intelligent Responsive Drive Engine) is a 1.1 liter l4 engine. This engine produces less carbon dioxide than other engines of this kind. I10 kappa is a 1.2 liter petrol engine which emits same amount of carbon dioxide as the i10 iRDE. The manufacturing company Hyundai has recently launched a 1.1 liter diesel variant along with an i10 Electric engine which is not yet available in market. This model is rated as the most fuel efficient petrol car of India. The 1.2 Kappa engine gained a spectacular mileage of 19.81 km/liter. So Hyundai i10 is an environment friendly affordable transport with low carbon footprint.

Hyundai i10 is packed with a refreshing look with stylish features. It has chrome-lined grill, pulled back headlights, integrated clear lens fog lamps, an upswept kink rear window and a bonnet with a clam shell hint. Mostly, many of the city cars are not suitable for tall drivers. In Hyundai i10, the company has considered this problem and provides an ergonomic design which provides sufficient space for tall drivers along with enough knee room. The car has a length of 3,565 mm, 1,595 mm wide and 1,550 mm high. The total weight of the car is 1000 to 1030 kg and has a fuel capacity of 35 L.


Interior of Hyundai i10 conveys a real feeling of superiority. You will find a cutting edge design that makes everything very instinctive. The car has a plastic dash board where the owner can set up a stereo. The integrated stereo is an optional feature of this car. A large white faced speedometer is available in the instrument binnacle along with a tachometer and a temperature and a fuel gauge.


Like every Hyundai car, safety is one of the major importances in Hyundai i10. The car features a rigid safety structure. The car is computer intended and intensively tested. It has deformable crush zones and impact path diffusion to offer the maximum in-cabin safety for all passengers.


Hyundai i10 had won the Indian car of the year prize in "ICOTY 2008'. This is the most prestigious and trustworthy word on automobiles not only for the consumers but also for the manufacturers and auto experts. In the celebration of the 10 years of Hyundai in India, the company arranged a trans-continental drive from Delhi to Paris. This drive was done in two i10 kappa cars.


The price of Hyundai i10 varies with the type of engine. It will cost you Rs 343,709 to Rs 397,689 for i10 1.1 iRDE model and Rs 406,478 to Rs 556,140 for i10 1.2L Kappa model. All of these appealing features and the affordable price make i10 truly best in its category.

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