I remember it like it was yesterday September 23, 2001 the Patriots were playing our rival and much hated New York Jets. I was 11 years old at the time. A young Patriots fan who thought he was seeing his favorite football team's season dissipate in front of his eyes. 'Drew Bledsoe is down and hurt and it looks serious" I remember hearing. At the time every Patriot fan in the world figured we were doomed for the worst. Little did we know what was soon about to happen.

I think this was the first time I swore in front of my father as I heard coming in from the University of Michigan quarterback Tom Brady. I remember turning to my father and saying who the [ ] is Tom Brady. I didn't even get in trouble. He was wondering the same thing. That season was something Disney like now that I look back at it. A 6th round pick 199th overall and to go from benchwarmer to Super bowl MVP is anything short of a child's dream. Throwing for 2800 yards 18 touchdowns and 12 interceptions after completeting 1 of 3 passes in 2000 for 6 yards must have been surreal to Brady let alone the fans.

"He's to slow to be a quarterback" "He doesn't posses the arm strength for the position" "He doesn't have the accuracy to be an NFL quarterback" were common phrases Brady had been accustomed to hearing and have been said about him. If anything here we can learn a lesson from the great number 12. Don't give up don't think you can't do it. Instead of settling for less Tom would use that as fire and set out to prove everyone wrong.

Brady does a good job at proving people wrong. As we all know three Super Bowl championships two of which he was MVP for. Two MVP's of the season. A seven time Pro-Bowler. A 50 touchdown performance in 2007, besting Peyton Manning's 49. Breaking Dan Marino's long lived single season passing record with 5,235 yards only to be bested by Saints qb Drew Brees in the same season. It seems as if every year the 2007 athlete of the year is surpassing legendary Hall of Fame names in stats that were poposterous to people 10 years ago. The kid from San Mateo California has done a good job at proving he is worthy.

Making passes some see as unimaginable, comebacks that seemed we were destined to lose. He has done it all.

Tom has made all Patriots fans all too familiar with the phrase as long as Brady is under center we have a chance. Which is proven to be all too true. Doing what he has done with sub par defenses and anything but the cream of the crop receiving corps. Exclude the short Randy Moss stint. Making un drafted players seem as if they were first round talent. We may not have what it takes to move on from what many call "life with Brady". It's quite a scary thing to think of to be honest.

We all dread the day that we hear Tom Brady has scheduled a news conference to announce his retirement from the NFL at such and such time. In fact I just got chills writing that. I along with thousands upon thousands will be devastated that day. Who knows when the next Tom Brady will come out? Is there another Tom Brady. I personally don't think so.

However I do know this. Brady poses' one of the most deadliest weapons a man can own. Not his arm strength no, nothing physical at all. It's his ambition. No one can take that away and no one sure as heck can't measure it. But we do know Tom has alot more of it then people gave him credit for.
Thank you Tom Brady. I liked football alot before I saw you take the field on that September day. However you made me fall in love with the game. Thanks for all you have done thanks for making us proud to be Patriots fans, thanks for teaching us will and drive is better then luck. But most of all Mr. Tom Brady...thank you for being that kid from San Mateo California for not having what it takes to be an NFL quarterback. We salute you

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