WHACK! I turned around to see who hit me on the back. It was a parent. I still don't know why. I as on the streets of Rajaji Nagar in Bangalore outside a college there for a medical entrance exam. Trying to count the number of students in the crowd would be like trying to count the number of stars in the sky. I pushed myself out of the crowd still not knowing what to do. That is when I saw her.

She was standing there. Timid as deer. Not knowing what to do. She had come alone just like me. I don't know why but I approached her but for some reason I found myself walking towards her. Before I even said hi I cracked some mindless joke on the situation at hand. To my surprise, she burst out laughing. And there it started. We hit it off instantly. It was magic. And we couldn't stop laughing. We just kept laughing and laughing. Standing so close squeezed to each other often because of the crowd while we held hands. It was perfect.

The exam started at 2 pm. I got in at 2:30. When I think of it I think how stupid I was but surprisingly it was my best paper. We promised each other that we would meet after the exam. It was a promise written in stone that we made to one another.

After the exam I saw her from a distance looking for me. I started to fight my way through the crowd. It was like swimming through an ocean of man. I made it to where she was. She was gone. I saw her one more time with her eyes filled desperation. I somehow made it to where she was then. She was gone. I didn't see her after that. I waited until they closed the gates at the center. She was gone. I could feel this well of emptiness inside me. A well that could only be filled with the water would be. I was her well and she was my water.

I was depressed. I didn't know what to do. I didn't know her last name to search for her nor did she know mine. I went home. A couple of days later when I got online I saw something that sent me into this feeling of instant euphoria. You have one friend request. She found me! I don't know how but she did. We just kept flirting and flirting. After a few days it was a series of questions such as, 'Do you have a girlfriend, Do you drink and Do you smoke?'. My answer was no to all of these questions. She just burst out, "Oh, You're the perfect guy". There was no better moment, the next day I was going to ask her out. Tell her how I feel. Next day we started normally. I was going to say it. Then she drops the bomb..."Hey, you know I have a boyfriend!". It was like someone making you bleed, giving you a plaster and then smacking as hard as they could on it. I didn't know what to think. She was perfect for me. I couldn't have her though. It pains me but I guess time heals all wounds. Hopefully it does for me too.

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