Human Beings are GOD'S wonderful creations. Right from the time of our birth till the time of our death, we are gripped by certain feelings like love, compassion, anger, generosity etc. The one thing which we all grow preaching in our life is to love and serve others. This is definitely an important lesson in everybody's life and I completely agree with it. But, how is it possible to love others when we are not able to love ourselves.

We have often heard stories about great personalities who had tremendous self-confidence in themselves as well as in others, who had faith in their strength or faith in the capabilities of other people. But I have never heard till date of someone proudly saying that he loves himself.

I believe that to love others we need to first love ourselves. Its quite human that when we witness something sad or unpleasant, our mind gets disturbed. Similarly, when we are happy, that feeling is evident in our heart. But we don't realize the fact that it is 'our' mind and heart that is blooming with these emotions. Instead we go in search of happiness outside us.

Just as we love others, its necessary to develop this habit of loving ourselves. When we commit a crime or a mistake, we often curse ourselves. My question is why? Why do you need to curse yourself. To err is human. But it does not mean that once we have done a crime, we need to hate ourselves. Just as we console and accept someone who has done a mistake, we all need to do the same thing in our case as well.

The same is the case when we something really bad happens to us. Apart from being low on confidence, we , at times, just curse GOD for creating us. At this point, I would like to say that life is not just realising what you are but also loving yourself.

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