There are some tourists who would not like to go to the usual places where all the other people go to. These people like to go to a place that is unique and is not visited by other people. One such place is the Antarctica. This seemingly desolate land may not hold anything worthy of seeing for many people, but the more adventurous people in the world will be able to find some amazing things in this cold and far far off land!

The land is more than 5 million sq. miles as far as the area is concerned. There are mostly no vegetation, human or animal life because of the harsh climatic conditions. The land is divided into two parts. These are the greater Antarctica and the lesser one. This division is by the mountain range called as the transatlantic range.


The weather in the land is quite predictable, if you have been there. There is sure to be blizzards very frequently. The place has recorded the minimum temperature in the whole world and even that is predictable considering the fact that the land is so far off. So, if you are planning to visit Antarctica anytime, then you not only need some warm clothes, but you need thermal clothes that will also be water proof.

One good thing about visiting Antarctica is that it is a place that does not need any visa at all. This is because the land is international territory. If on the other hand, you are traveling through other countries, then you need appropriate visas. To enter into Antarctica, all you need will be your passport and that too because it is required by the company that is transporting you to the pole.

There are many airline companies that have flights to Antarctic, but the best method of visiting the country would be to go to places like Argentina or Chile as it is very easy to travel to Antarctica from there.

There are also other methods of reaching the land and that is by taking a cruise. It is quite an experience when you travel by water because of the panaromic vies that you get. You will be able to see many ice bergs on the way, that have broken off the glaciers that are seen in Antarctica. The ships that do go to the place are all ice strengthened and so they are not easily damaged by the ice bergs.

Though you may go there, unless you know what to see and where to go, there is no point in going to the land of glaciers. The best place to visit would be the Adlie land. There is a research station that is located here. Other than that, you can also visit either the Davis Base that was started by the Australia and or you can also visit the Wilkes station that was placed there by the American government. All these places mainly do research in the land. There are also places that have been established by the New Zealanders and British people.

The place is also famous for some polar animals like the Polar bear. You will also be able to see animals and birds like the Penguin, whales, albatross, seals and other similar animals that live in the ice cold land.

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