When was the last time you learnt to ride your bicycle with your father supporting your cycle gently from behind yet all the time trying to divert your mind to the flowers on the side or the squirrels scampering about? When was the last time you sat in the kitchen and ate while your mother prepared food for you? All these sweet memories remained stagnant with the past generation and the only thing we inherited was the impulsive streak and the rude behaviour. Why can't children reply politely when parents ask them a question? Why does it have to be construed as an interference? When we used to ask them questions relating to everything under the sun we expected an answer but when they ask us one question in return we start telling them not to interfere in our life.

When are we going to learn that the people who gave life to us do have some right over it? How many times has the son come home from a hard day in the sun and the mother spends the whole making something tasty to make him feel better but the best answer we can give them is "I am not hungry" the mother never lets the child know how much pain the answer has caused her but tries to see everything from his perspective and then says that he is probably too tired and tucks him in bed. We usually construe our parents love and affection in terms of oil and ghee, but for once can we not think of them as human beings who do get affected by our answers is that so impossible to think? Why do we always put the parents on a different plane and us, the youth on another? We are an extraordinary generation who understands the heavy music lyrics and why is this celebrity with the other but what about the expectations our parents have from us? Why can't we see the hurt in their eyes and a sadness they have when we refuse their wishes, if not us then who will they tell their dreams too, the neighbour's children?

The day we start accepting that the generation gap can be erased between parents and us, we will be closer to our parents and stop trying to distance ourselves from them. We are a generation that has been pampered and not strictly taught the culture of respecting and wishing elders,instead we see the older generation adapting to our behaviour. The fast food culture, the hip hop culture etc. We see them accepting us for who we are with our loud metal music then why can't we respect them for their much purer values and less medled up traditions. Let us improve our attitude and accept parents with all their inquisitive queries and respect and love them for being there for us.

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