Writing an e book has become quite easy with the number of topics available to write and also the amazing amount of resources that are available for the person to write an e book. The simplicity of the matter is that there are many ghost writers for most of the e books where the author who publishes the book has not written it, but another person has written he e book, but has been paid for the writing. This means that the author has sold his right over the book. So the e book is published under the name of another person. This is done because there are so many benefits that can be got through an e book.

The various benefits of an e book are as follows:

Passive income:

The first reason for which most of the hundreds of e books published every month is written is to earn a passive income from the book. Once the book has been written and formatted, most of the difficult part of the work is over. The person only has to market the book. There are various affiliate and other programmes that are available that are able to advertise and market the book earning a passive income for the author. This is one of the main benefits of the e book.

Sense of satisfaction:

The author who has written the book has a sense of satisfaction because of writing the book. In fact it is a sense of accomplishment. The fact is that it is very difficult to write and publish a normal book, but it is easier with the e book. In spite of this, the person who has written the e book is very satisfied with the book that has been written.

Increased popularity:

The popularity of the person who has written the book increases. In fact, if the book is very good, then the popularity of the author soars and the person’s e books become very sought after by all people who want to read similar articles. This is another benefit of the e book.

Niche writing:

Niche writing is one of the benefits of the book. The author becomes popular in the particular niche and the marketability of the product also is easier because there are already people willing to buy the book if the author has made a mark in the e book business with similar books.

Easy marketability:

The easy marketability that is possible with the e book is another benefit of writing an e book. The person who has written the book is able to sell the book through various means and this includes affiliate marketing. Affiliates have been the reason for the success of the various e books. These affiliates have used their web sites and also other means to market the book. The lack of a physical book and the ease of downloading a e book has made it possible for the person to market these books easily.

These are the various benefits of writing an e book.

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