The word sport's definition is an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of competitive nature. Yet somehow there are people who would like to rewrite that definition and define this term on their own. Of course we all have the write to say whatever we want, but when one man's decision could effect how many young adults pay for college, don't you think he is crossing the line?

Well I do, along with they many others who agree with me. Now if you don't no what I am talking about you are not up on your current events. I am talking about one jugde who declared that cheerleading is not a sport. I was shocked and outraged when I heard this. I am a high school cheerleader. I have at least 4 cousins who are cheerleaders. My mother was a cheerleader and her sister was a cheerleader. It's safe to say cheerleading is in my blood, but it was more then just the family tradition that got me into this sport (you notice I call it a sport because that's what it is). It was the amazing feeling I get when I'm tumbling, the huge smile the graces my face when I'm flying at the top of a stunt, the idea that I can defy gravity, even if it's only for mere moments. IT gave me the hope that I could do anything I set my mine to do. This is why I was truly hurt to find that someone was underminding the great sport of cheerleading.

Why is it that we always have to defend this sport? Why is it that for ages people have been arguing and saying it was nothing more then a skill? Well as I stated before, to make something a sport you are required to have a skill. A sport needs a certain amount of prowess, which when I first came upon I wasn't quite sure what it meant. I looked up this word and it is defined as a superior skill which you can learn by study, practice, and observation. Well cheerleading has that as well. We learn flips, chants, cheers, and routines by watching them preformed, studing them, and practicing them. The definition of sport also states that it has to be an athletic activity, which cheerleading is. You may lift weights, but we lift people. We have to agile and precise. The last thing in the definition is that a sport is usually of competitive nature. Obviously cheerleading is also competitive.

We practice all year long for a "competition" a name which I a form of the word competitive. So how is it that someone could say cheerleading is not a sport? Is it because we don't use a ball or a bat? Is it because our teams are mainly made up of girls in skirts? Whatever the reason I ask you all to lose your misconceptions and seek out the truth. Our spirit is endless and our hearts are filled with pride please look past the exterior and see the athlete inside

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