Shopping is one of the most important things that you can do in Singapore. There are many tourists who visit the place not only to have a look at this beautiful city, but they also try to have a great time visiting all the shops and buying things that they can take home to their friends and relatives. Here are a list of the different places where you can go shopping around the city.

There are some of the commonest shopping destinations that are listed here and every visitor to the country tries to visit each of these places because they are all unique in their own way.

Orchard Road

Orchard road is a very interesting place to shop and there are not only tourists, but also locals who throng this place to buy some things that they find to be attractive. This is a place that is very famous because every visitor to Singapore shops in this place and if you have not shopped here, then you sure have missed one of the greatest shopping places in Singapore. There are various shopping centers here and you will be able to buy various things in the city.

Marina Bay

This is another wonderful place where you will be able to shop and there are various malls where visitors can have a great time. Some of the most famous shopping places here include Marina Square and also the shopping centre called as the Raffles city.


As in any other city in the South East, there is a China town in Singapore too and this is the place where you will find all kinds of Chinese goods. There are different kinds of herbal medicines that have been made from ancient traditional methods and there are also genuine Tiger balms available here. Various other animal products can also be bought here which are all health care products. These days, there are many other shops too in the China town that not only deal with health products of the Chinese, but there are also products that include toys and gifts that aim to catch the high end client. Tea shops and places where you can buy Chinese traditional ware like handicrafts are also present in this place and is a shoppers dream. If you have not been able to visit China on a tour, then you do not need to worry as you will get all the things in China town that are Chinese.

Little India

This is one of the places that mimics a shopping complex in India. There are various kinds of colorful stuff that you will find in India. This caters mainly to the Indian population that lives in Singapore and so is like a little India literally. There are various kinds of cloth materials that are colorful and intricately made. There are printed saris and embroidered goods available here. Other than these, there are also silver things, brass material and jewelry from the cheapest variety to the most expensive varieties that are available in this place.

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