The state of Gujarat is one of the most progressive states in the country. It is well developed in terms of infrastructure, industrialization and various other factors. The main reason is the hard working nature of the people living there. There are also some natural scenic places in the state that play a great role in the tourism revenue for the state.

One should remember that September to November are most preferred months to tour this state due to pleasant monsoon weather and all major festivals are celebrated in this time. The tourists will get a chance to see the culture of Gujarat.

There are a cluster of attractive places all around the state and they are listed here.

1. Junagadh fort is a huge fort with attention grabbing history behind it.
2. Gir national park is the 2nd place after Africa where you can see lions in their natural habit.
3. Somnath temple which is associated with moon of god. It is a temple facing the corner edge of Arabian Sea.

JAMNAGAR {oil city that houses the world's largest refinery}
City is surrounded by unique attractions
1. Lakhota lake that is the home for immigrant Siberian birds.
2. Dwarka temple that is amongst the most sacred places for Hindu's associated with lord Krishna)
3. Ayurved University: The world's first Ayurved University and a hub for Ayurvedic students from all over world

Around Jamnagar at Gulf of Kutch there are 41unexploited islands of these 2 are most famous

(a) PIROTAN ISLAND The only marine national park in India which is 90km from the city and can be reached by boat.
Exotic species like puffer fish, Gangetic dolphins, and huge green turtles can be seen during high tides

(b) NARARA ISLAND - The worlds only place where u can walk through sea corals without diving deep into the sea.
After such spectacular sights in these islands, you can assure yourself that it was a worthwhile journey.

(4)PORBANDAR (place where Mahatma Gandhi was born )

This is a place that is perfect for tourists who like Pleasant weather all the time. There are also very pleasurable beaches. Other than this, there are also historical sites like Huzor palace and Manu temple that has amazing art sculptures.

There are some other places which are equally pleasant to see, but may vary depending on the interest of the visitors.

1. Baroda is a place that is well known for its museums, palaces and amusement parks. Some examples of these are the Sayaji park, baroda museum art gallery and laxmi vilas palace.

2. Surat which is one of the world diamond industry hubs. As far as tourism is concerned, this city is significant for shopping. There are superb handlooms and handicrafts with Zari work from golden threads that are worth buying. Wooden merchandises are also very famous among international tourists.

3. Rajkot city is another important place and it has Aji dam where Mahatma Gandhi's home is located. The Lal pari lake, that is present here is the place where many endangered species of birds live.

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