Mobile phones have been changing rapidly and along with them, the use for these devices has also been on a rapid rise. From the days when the mobile phones were being used for communication on the move, these days, the mobile telephones have started having so many amazing features that the communication is the least of the uses of these mobile phones.

LG Ally

In the line of the many cool phones comes the LG Ally, there are so many features on the mobile phone that you would be really surprised by them. It is another of the devices that is being powered by the Android 2.1. When you buy the new device, you get a range of additional things with the phone and they include the battery for the device and also the battery for the phone. You also get an AC adapter and a USB cable with the purchase. The USB cable can be sued by you as the cord for the charging too. Finally, you also get an instruction manual along with the Ally.

The Ally has an amazing 3.2 inch touch screen. There are times when you might have to use the touch screen more than once for you to be able to move into the next application. It is not as quick as some of the other touch screen devices. There are various other applications that you have to use with the conventional method. The volume adjustment part of the phone is on the left of the side of the phone and the micro USB charging port is also on the same side.

Other features of the Ally

The device has got QWERTY keyboard and the device has also got a sliding keyboards. Unlike the touch screen that is not very responsive, the keyboard is just the opposite and the keys on it are very responsive. One of the best features of the LG Ally is that unlike many of the other devices that have the Android 1.5 or 1.6, the LG Ally has the latest Android version 2.1. Another amazing feature that you have to know about the LG Ally is that though you are provided with a theme with the phone, you will be able to choose your own theme.

The camera

The LG Ally has a camera that is 3.2-megapixel and it can take pictures that can be expected of such a device. It cannot be said that the quality of the pictures are exceptional. The additional features of the camera on the LG Ally are that if has a flash and can focus automatically. You can edit the pictures that you take. You also have the option of using the video function and as with the photographs, the quality is not something that you can boast about.

The data speed on the LG Ally smart phone is quite fast and when you connect to the internet. If you would like to order one of these unique devices, then you can do so at You will be able to order at a price of $99.99 since you have a $100 discount for purchasing online.

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