Television is one of the most popular means of entertainment in the 21st century with sound and motion pictures. A look around us over all places of the world is possible by just sitting in the living room watching the television. Television influences our daily lives hugely, which pretty much could be seen by the amount of time we spend staring into the television screen. Alas, children are the biggest television addicts amongst the newer generations of people. This particular invention has brought many cultural and social changes.

Television has its own advantages and disadvantages due to its significant influence on the society. It has become people's main source of obtaining information such as the world news, weather report, brand and product advertisements, entertainment buzz, and even business stock prices. People nowadays are way more informative compared to their ancestors. The programs played in the television differ according to the age of the person.

Younger generations find it as an educational tool in educational programmes whereas there are also programmes which affect the minds of youngsters such as movies filled with violence and unwanted negative erotic scenes. These negative aspects alters social conduct and behaviors, which eventually causes drawbacks such as increasing teenage gangsters getting involved in crime and school violence.

People are having less time these days due to their divorces, careers, and their constant will to struggle for wealth and success. Regrettably, it results in parents spending less and less time with the family, neglecting their kids. Very few parents nowadays truly realize this important duty that no other people can take place. It is important for them to ensure their child's happiness in a wisely controlled environment. An unguarded access of television programmes to the children may develop particular immoral habits, subconscious behaviors, and bad examples. Consequently, parents should take initiative to spend more time with children to avoid old values to slip away and be replaced by new immoral values created by the television.

Television has significant capability to influence the domestic culture of a country. It offers a great number of tools for information, communication and learning despite its negative aspects. Denying a television deprives people from those benefits. Therefore, the trend should be approached with positive thoughts instead of fully criticizing it. Alternatives that benefit the society should be looked into in the long run. Any negative influence that has creeped slowly in the society can also be slowly controlled, sorted out and filtered with patience and with the society's cooperation with time.

Last but not least, the television has become part of our daily life. The invention has gone through many technological developments through the decades and in fact, is still getting better day by day from a normal black and white screen right to the super colored LCD and plasma technology. As a widely held and well-liked form of media, the television has influenced the culture and lifestyle of every level of society around the world. Thus, we should accept the information given by this media and manipulate it appropriately.

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