There are certain stages in life where we reach and everyone seems to want love. What I'm talking is all about teenage years. I myself am a teenager and I understand how easily a teen falls in love. It is because the first time in life to feel the urge to love the opposite sex.

This is also the stage of confusions because you aren't too old to be called as a mature and you're not too young to be called as a child. When it comes to love, teenagers are too aggressive that in this stage, they make the worse mistakes in their lives that lead them to realization and sometimes teaches them a lesson. However, there is a chance of doing it again and again because confusion told them to do so. For example, in sidewalks, we will see many young mothers suffering the consequence of falling in love easily which truly was only an infatuation because they let their emotions win. Although many teens are aware that these things happen, the cases of unwanted pregnancy became higher and higher. Truly, teens are very volatile person, that's why parents should be watchful about them in this stage. It is no enough to fill them only with materialistic things but we should fill them with love so that they won't feel they are alone.

Well, this is how life goes. Just as they said, life is a series of choices; it's your choice whether a thing in your life would happen or not.

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Hello world! I'm a Filipina teen who loves writing articles about anything and essays.