There are many sports Utility Vehicles in India but Tata Safari is one of the most popular Sports Utility vehicles in India. Tata Safari is unique and has a glorious look. This sporty car has a lot of advanced interior or exterior features. Tata Safari is also very popular due to its affordable price as compare to the other Sports Utility vehicle available in Indian Market.

Features and safety

This model of Tata Safari has a 2.2l, 16V diesel engine, which is a true glider on Indian roads. Its present VVT DICOR engine has the capacity to deliver a maximum power. Tata safari is one of the luxurious car models in Indian market. Leather seats, day night visibility instrumental panel and power windows are its unique and attractive features. Airbags, electronic brake-force distribution and antilock brake system are available Tata Safari for the safety of the driver. There are also some other new features for the safety purpose in Tata safari.

Engine features

Tata Safari's new model has a 2.2L, 16 valve and a VTT DICOR engine. Its powerful engine has a capacity to develop 140hp at the rate of 4000rpm. Additionally it has a capacity to provide a torque of 320Nm at the rate of 1700-2700 rpm. Some features of the new Tata Safari are changed as compared to the old model. First company changed its dimension and the new dimension is less trendy than the old.

New model of Safari is reduced lengthwise from 4650mm to 4810mm. but its cabin space has been kept same as the old. Its new features includes Split grille and budges on them. Colored bumper and new hard cover for the spare tires are the major changes in new Model of Tata Safari. Tata Safari is available with tubeless tires. Wood finish center console, power windows, leather seats and Day-night instrumental panel are the new extended features of the new Tata Safari Model. Tata Safari's steering is leather wrapped. Its headlamps keep on for 30 seconds even after switch off the vehicle.

Colors available

Tata Safari is available in a verity of color. There are eight colors available in Tata Safari. You can select Walnut Gold, Arctic Silver, viz Mineral Red, Cycus Grey, Mountain Green, Pearl White, Artic White and Quartz Black color according to your choice.

Models to choose from

For entertainment while long drive DVD/MP3 system with dual LCD screen is also available in Tata Safari. Many Safety features in Tata Safari are also available. Now I would like to discuss a few models of Tata Safari cars with you. Tata Safari Petrol Exi 4x2 has a petrol engine and have 2DW (two wheel drive) option. While Tata Safari Petrol Exi 4x4 model also have a petrol engine with 4DW (Four wheel drive) option. Other safety option includes remote locking system. Tata Safari models have both petrol and diesel engine. You can select any one according to your affordability.

The price

Tata New Safari DICOR 2.2 EX 4x2's price is 9, 24,203 rupees. And its engine uses the diesel and it can cover 10.45 kilo meters per liter in city while 15.5 kilometer per liter on highway. This model is 2179 cc. Tata New Safari DICOR 2.2 EX 4x4 is also a diesel engine model with 2179cc power. It can cover 15.5 kilometer per liter on highway and 10.45 kilo meter per liter in city. Its price is 10, 12,056 rupees. Similarly some other models are also available you can choose any one according to your choice and affordability.

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