It is not a wonder that Tata motors have been one of the best selling companies in the Indian market! Their predominance in the industry is being proved with the advent of each of its newly launched cars. One such addition to the pride is the sedan Indigo which has a sleek design and adds glory together with the unique series of cars from Tata like the Indica whose name comes out of the mouth naturally while one thinks about cabs and India that has set out a new standard for the low priced cars with the intense competition from the various players who are part of the car manufacturing industry.

Tata motors were not into any passenger cars for a long time and they were more into commercial vehicles. Tata has been a famous name as far as buses and lorries were concerned. They produce very good quality heavy vehicles that many people though that they will not fare very well in the passenger car segment because of the intense competition in the segment. Other than the competition, passenger cars are completely different from the heavy vehicle segment.

Tata Nano

In spite of this, Tata Motors have been able to achieve much more than what analysts expected. There are three kinds of cars that are being manufactured by Tata Motors. The first car is the small sized car. The only car that is as economical as a motorbike is the Tata Nano. This car is a small sized car that has revolutionized the concept of a car and the car was made to help the middle class Indian family so that they could buy a car for a price that is just more than that they would have to spend on a motorbike. The car has been a huge success for the company in spite of various setbacks and roaring sales have made sure that India will be a place where people prefer small cars to large ones.

Tata Indica:

The Tata Indiaca is another simple but efficient car that has been on Indian roads for a few years now and it too seems to be the best that one could buy as far as the fuel efficiency is concerned. The car does not have the same sleek looks as many of the other cars that you would find in the market, but on the other hand, if you take the fuel efficiency, this car is the best.

Tata Indigo:

The Indigo Manza is a recent variant of the other Indigo cars. The Indigo car are midsized sedans that are sleek and caters to the high end clients, but it too is very fuel efficient and so is more preferred to other cars.

Although, this seems to be an upgraded version of the Indica Vista, this has a lot more in addition together with loyalty for the customers of Tata motors which rather can be considered as a mixture of Indigo and Indica. It is because it shares the technological aspects with its earlier counterparts like the audio control mounted steering, abundantly spaced interiors and well designed frame.

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