Tata Motors, the famous Indian company came out with a hatchback range of auto mobiles in the form of Tata Indica. This model was first made for India but now this model is exported to various countries of Africa and Europe. The TATA motors had rarely, if ever developed a passenger car before this model. So TATA Indica is the first cars made for passengers. In 2008 the company sold a huge number of 91000 cars. 8000 units of TATA Indica are sent to market each month.

Tata Motors

Tata Motors came into the market with a slogan that we care about the future. Tata motors are a branch of Tata Group Empire. Tata Motors, a Company that cares about the future... the company has committed to create a relationship between business and social factors. Tata motor is working under the labor laws of United Nations. They want to create a global impact by doing so.

They are not only creating and developing cars but they are also engaging themselves in the development of a community, providing help to rural communities by building their units in their areas and doing development work there. Tata motors works by keeping the theme of technology for future in mind. The company has established an in house Engineering Centers for Research under the Research and Development theme. The purpose for this R& D project is to provide a testing environment.

Price of the car

The common price that the company has set for TATA Indica is 3, 40,608 Indian rupees.
TATA Indica vista is a model of TATA Indica that is a petrol car. This car has a front window, power steering and has three engines. The gear box is also stylish. This car has different look and distinct style.

Variants of the car

TATA Indica V2 is a diesel car that is attracting the market of cars towards itself due to its nice look. It has 2 sub models. DLS is available with power steering and feature of OVRM, bumpers of body are colored, wheels are arch flair and has sill valence.
DLE has also OVRM feature internally that is available on the driver side. The wheel flairs are available in grey color. This combination has made a stylish look.

Tata Indica V2 Xeta is a collection of different models. This is a petrol car. The engine is giving the torque of 124 kilo gram at the time of pick. The car then catches the smoothness as long as its gets faster. The engine has another quality of micro processor of 32 bit with 12 sensors.

Other features

The car has the common features like five doors in the hatch back. The engine is made in the company itself. The engine has the feature of SUV that reduces the stroke. The engine has 83 millimeter stroke and 4 cylinders.

There are some extra features that are seen in some of the models of TATA Indica. The DLE and DLS model has engine turbocharged option and DLG and DLX has intercooled engine. Indica v2 XETA has a power steering feature. GL model is available without A and GLS is available with AC.

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