When one thinks of Australia, the Kangaroos are what come to the mind. Kangaroos are unique animals that live only in Australia. The country other than being the largest island is also famous for the many cities that are very famous. There are many places to visit in Australia, but Sydney holds a unique place in the hearts of the people who visit Australia. The main reason for this is the amazing number of places to visit in Sydney.

Though Sydney is the largest city in the country, it is not the capital, but it is the capital of the New South Wales. The city is situated in the South Western part of Australia. Sydney is also very important because of the amazing number of tourist destinations that are located here. Since Sydney is on the sea coast, the most important pastime for a tourist visiting this lovely city would be activities like swimming, surfing and being a part of the other water games and sports.

There are many places to visit and see in Sydney too. Most of these places are world famous like the Opera house and the Sydney Harbor.

Sydney Harbour

The harbor in Sydney is very important and famous. It has numerous parks that are present near the edge of the water. This makes the place beautiful. Many tourists visit the harbor as it is simply great to look at, though it is just a harbor similar to the one in many other places!

Sydney Bridge in the Harbour

The harbor bridge is very famous. This bridge that was built in the years preceding 1932 is wonderful as far as the architecture is concerned. This bridge connects the Northern and the Southern parts of the city and is called fondly by the local people as the Coat Hanger.

The Rocks

This place is also located just near the harbor. Since this is the oldest part of the city, it has a cultural heritage that is lovely. Though tourists are provided with all the modern comforts, the beauty and the simplicity of the place has been maintained to get an idea about the life in the ancient days. Many festivals are conducted in this place. This looks like a museum that is located in the open. It is a must visit place in the city.

The Opera House

It is one of the most visited places in Sydney and is a great landmark. Various events are held in the opera house, but the place is more famous for its photographic value!

Bondi Beach

A wonderful beach which is very beautiful, is situated in Eastern part of Sydney.

Olympic City

The 2000 Olympics was held here and the various stadia and buildings that were part of the Olympic city have been developed as top tourism destinations. Some of the amazing landmarks of the Olympic city are the Sydney Super Dome and the Aquatic Centre.

Sydney is on the first list of places to visit in Australia for any tourist. This amazing place is also the economic nerve center of Australia and you will find many souvenirs to buy that can be taken back in memory of your trip!

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