So what springs to mind when you think of stockings? Sexual allure, Bedroom garment, making women feel sexy and confident?. Well originally these extension of socks were preferred as they allowed easier access, sadly not for the fun reason that springs to mind and were seen as more hygienic than pantyhose due to the ventilation of the nether regions and comfort they provided. They were also mainly worn by men! Strange how the worlds perception of a garment can change.

Stockings , now a luxury item, were once seen as a commodity in the war and therefore women had to be inventive with teabags and a black pen, in order to get that seam that goes to the unknown! Yes that's right those stocking which you see so many celebrities wearing now with the seam that goes from the heel to the thigh originated from the war.

Traditionally stockings were a sexual item of clothing and definitely worn under a long skirt to preserve modesty but today celebrities such as Lilly Allen, Rhianna, Katy Perry and Kylie Minogue are rocking the stockings with short skirts giving their look a more edgy and sexy feel. So the once hidden away garment is now seen to be ok to be shown flaunting those legs. Exposing the thigh is always sexy but now also high fashion, so stock up and rock your stocking both day and night!

Top Tip: Be careful to get the balance right in your outfit if you are rocking those stockings in the day. Lingerie For Girls lives by the rule 'Legs out, Boobs covered' and if it's a day for a little cleavage then keep those pins covered up. It's always good to leave a little to the imagination, think Pretty Woman after she met her prince charming not the hooker look that she was sporting before. You have to make sure your look looks classy rather than trashy.

So in conclusion are stockings to be worn as outerwear? In our opinion yes! They are the new fashion craze that a lot of celebraties are wearing looking classy and confident. You have to be careful not to become a fashion faux par by teaming it with other sexy clothing such as a low cut top but otherwise go on and make yourself sexy and confident!

Stocking are an essential fashion item these days be that if you're wearing them for yourself or for your man. You can pick up some bargain stockings for as little as £2.99 or go all out for the ultimate in sex appeal for only £8 at Lingerie For Girls, so either they won't break the bank, but boost your confidence.

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