Tomatoes are a wonderful garden plant that not only is a great fruit to use in your food, but also a great plant to grow in your house. The reason for this is that growing tomatoes give a lot more joy than growing any other plant. The reason for this is that these plants have a quick turnover rate, by this I mean to say that the fruits of your labor become real fruits in no time at all!

Quick results:

The plant is an annual and this means that the plant completes the whole life cycle within the span of a year. As you sow the seeds, you will be able to see the results in a few months and this is the most satisfying part of having tomato gardens. In this era of instant coffee and instant results, where the computer speed is increasing manifold, people are not patient enough to see the fruits of their labor after many years. The quick time in which the fruits are ready for harvest has made many more people to take to tomato gardening.

The steps involved:

If you are one such person, then here are a few tips that will help you to make your tomato garden to be very successful

1. Sow Seeds:

The first step f to select the best seeds available in the market and then decide on the lace where you are going to have these plants grow. If you have a yard, then you can make a patch by preparing the soil, by loosening it, then you can sow the seeds. If you live in an apartment and are planning to have the plants in your balcony, then you have to get a pot and also the soil. Once this is ready, you have to sow the seeds in the pot.

2. Indoor:

As the seeds start becoming small plants, the plants are very vulnerable to the hot rays of the sun and so they need to be kept indoors if possible. If they are in your yard, then you have to make sure that they have some sort of shade, so that they grow from strength to strength.

3. Replanting / outdoor:

As the plant becomes strong enough, the best activity that you can do is to replant the plants farter apart, if they are planted in your yard. If they are in your balcony, then if you have space, you can try different pots for the plants. Replanting also makes sure that the plant has enough soil so that it is stable. In this phase of the growth, the plants need the full strength of the sun's rays to grow.

4. Watering:

You should make sure that you water the plants each day for the plant to grow strong and not wither in the heat of the sun. When you water the plant, you should make sure that you do not cause the plant to have a lot of water stagnating as this can cause the plant to die. Make sure that the water is able to drain away.

5. Harvesting:

Once all the ground work is done, you are ready for the harvest. To make sure that you have a bumper crop, you should harvest the tomatoes as they reach the right size and the right color. The reason for this is that as soon as you remove the ripe tomatoes, there will be more growing in their place and you will be rewarded with a bumper crop.

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