"State Ya Biz"

Does Cleveland Underground Hip Hop Rap Legend and GMS columnist Suave Goddi and Ohio Major Recording Artist and Rock World AEHO Corp Executive have beef and if so what for? One now a Executive and major industry recording artist and his imprint was picked up last September in 2011. The other has long hosted freestyle competitions for up and coming artist in Ohio. Sources have it that two stayed in contact while King F.I.N.O. was in the deep South not to far from Magnolia finishing up getting the contract signed. Both came up through the Cleveland ranks of hip hop in the same camp and mass network (Strong Arm Entertainment) with the likes of Ray Cash and Aftermath's L.T. Moe. The rumor is Suave Goddi has played a large role in some botched concert promotions in the Northern Region which have done some damage to King F.I.N.O. heavily supported platinum international debut status. King F.I.N.O. pays un-embracing homage in "State Ya Biz" to Suave Goddi which can be found on King F.I.N.O. "Can't Knock The Hustle; The Press Release" commercial mix-tape.

This is not the first incident between the two separate camps. There have long been some dis-functional situations between members in the inner workings of the camp between two groups which both are and were affiliated to. Two of the most concrete Mcs in and out of sessions many of days at the Torcher Chamber Studio. King F.I.N.O. the young hungry up and coming artist and Suave Goddi during those days Cleveland's official Hip Hop Mayor when he was going head to head with Praise Money as the top artist in Ohio. It is Suave Goddi that King F.I.N.O. credits to opening his eyes to who B.I.G. is and was as a MC back in those Strong Arm Entertainment days. This could be based on the bond that was forging between Suave Goddi producer Jason Taylor and King F.I.N.O. While working on the Hevy Hittaz first album along with the inner working of F.I.N.O. album. Jason Taylor said he had began to take a liking to the Hevy Hittaz aka Me Familia. Suave Goddi as all leads do was the comic relief and kept the room loose. King F.I.N.O. the young Don was the polar opposite vocal drill sergeant. Jason Taylor had seen enough to want to bring King F.I.N.O. along with his Hevy Hitta counter part on board completely and offered King F.I.N.O. a solo label agreement. It was around that time that everyone began to get really restless and began taking sides.

Jason Taylor and King F.I.N.O. had words over a really huge song that crashed during a session to finish up the "All In The Family" LP. Things got really explosive following that. Even so King F.I.N.O. and Suave Goddi kind of hung back. Which would beckoned the question are they at odds and if so why? Even with King F.I.N.O. man Juice Jones which he did a lot of big concerts in Ohio with looming it would be unanimous withstanding Praise Money and Gel close friend of King F.I.N.O. and UGK Recording Artist to usher in one of Hip Hops claim of Cleveland territory out right. It was Suave who pushed the envelope in those days with his big marketing and media ideas in those days. "State Ya Biz" might not be so much a dis-record but more of a gut check. You be the judge. "It's nothing personal kid, state ya biz"

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