Do you have to move? Are you thinking of economic relocation? Then, don't wait and start packing. It consumes lot of time and requires enough patience.

You should start your packing as advance as possible. You may well encounter problems and delays during the course of your packing. So devote enough time packing to avoid last day chaos.

First of all, pack those items that you think you will not need until you complete your move. If it's a hot weather, you should pack quilts and winter clothes first. Then move onto attic and store room. Attic is generally un-noticed portion of home. Items kept on attic are not of daily use, so you can pack them early. Also you will be in position to figure out which item is of one and which is just garbage for you. Sell out the waste in the scrap market. Then you should proceed toward old books. Pack in smaller cartons to make them easier to move.

Take out 7-8 pieces of garments for each family member and pack the rest in wardrobe box. These boxes stand tall and are provided with hanging rail to ensure easy and safe moving of clothes. Pack heavy items in small boxes to make them easy to handle and move. After packing, label them (about goods inside). It is helpful while moving as well as re-arranging. Packing in smaller boxes also means less chance damage.

Pack similar items together. Pack room-by-room. Never put all rooms at chaos at once. Use high quality packing material. One can also use several layers of newspaper and sheets of bubble for wrapping purposes. Wrap items individually and place them in separate boxes. Use spongy and paddy material to wrap fragile items and place them in boxes especially designed for glassware.

Make refrigerator, washing machine, cooler, AC, dish washer and like appliances dry before 2-3 day of move. Pack them in appropriate sized box for safe transportation. Put a layer of towel, blanket or other paddy wrapper in between the appliance and box. This would avoid all possible scratch. Keep all screw and wires in separate bag. Use wooden boxes for packing if you have to cover along distance. Bring mattress box to pack bedding.

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Open up the ceiling fans in morning on the day of move. Pack them in carton. Pack kitchen households, just a day before move. It's easy. But you need to manage boxes, air tight containers, etc, in advance.

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