Corruption is not only a problem in the various political circles of countries. The corruption in the sporting bastion has made people to be wary of any result that seems to be a miracle. Of course people rarely believe in miracles in the sporting arena. The recent disclosure by a man in England that the Pakistan Cricket team was bribed to alter the results and to underperform in the game has stirred a hornet's nest.

There are many sports and games in the world that are having legal betting going on. Some of these games may have the betting syndicates bribing for a particular result. Though this may not be really happening all the time, there are many who believe that doctored results in games are a reality.

If doping in a game is one of the problems, another problem that is rearing its head is the betting scandals. There are many betting syndicates that operate in the world. Some of these are legal, while many of the others are illegal in nature. Each of these can make the players to either perform normally or underperform in a single game or on a regular basis.
The player may be in the game because o f the talent, but when the individual is told to underperform in a game, then it causes a waste of time for the people who are watching the game as they pay to watch a game that is played to the maximum ability possible.

This is the reason for many people to lose interest in cricket after the first betting scandal got over. The second one is another great tragedy for the game. This is not limited to cricket alone. There are many sports and games that are having this problem. The main reason for the betting and underperformance of players in various sports is that there is huge amount of money in these betting rings. If the player is able to get a particular amount by playing for the country or for a club, the player will get more than double of that amount for playing according to the instructions that are given by the betting syndicates.

is another reason other than greed for the players to underperform. Though many of the players cannot be intimidated and they do not perform well in a game to earn money through the betting, there are others who may fear for their life. The besting syndicates are very powerful and function in mafia style. They may threaten to kill the sportsperson or may try to cut short the career of the person who is playing that particular sport. This can lead to various issues, but the person who is scared may actually under perform to be able to escape the wrath of the betting bosses.

Whatever the reason, each time the player underperforms in a match, it is akin to cheating the people who are paying loads of money to watch the game they love. It is also a waste of time for the people watching, when the game has been fixed already. So each and every player who is starting out as a player should be counseled against becoming a part of this. As soon as a person approaches the player, the player should approach the relevant authorities. The reason is that once the player is hooked, then there is no turning back.

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