Israel is all about history. It is the birth place of many major religions. It is a witness of many crucial historic events and still carries the signs of those moments in all over the country. Even with the tempting condition in the Middle East, Israel is one of the most attractive tourist destinations for the tourists with a keen interest in history and archeology.
Israel is deeply holy to the Muslims, Christians and Jews and all three religions have pilgrims in the country. Besides that, it is full with numerous historic facts from all three religions. The most crucial religious war in the history of the world, the Crusade, took place in the country for the place called Jerusalem which is equally important for the Christians and the Muslims.


Jerusalem is probably the most holy city in the world as no other cities in the world has such a historic relation with different religions. It is a city full of spiritual spirit and historic weight; making it equally appealing to the people with deep religious feeling as well as average tourists with the interest of watching one of the best ancient societies. Along with Jerusalem, Nazareth is also in Israel which is another holy place for the Christians. There are many churches with traditional Arabic archaic architectural design.


Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus and the most sacred place for the Christians is in Israel. Besides the religious value, the city is very important from historic importance. It played very crucial role during the Crusades. It was ruled and won by different nations and religious leaders from time to time. During the Crusades, it was ruled by both the Muslims and Christians alternatively as the great roman empires. Even the British took hold of the city for a long time. So far, the city has been successful to keep memories of those times which can be found nowhere else in the world.

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is the capital of Israel and the most important political city in the country. After Jerusalem and Bethlehem, if you think that Israel is all about historical facts and spots, you will change your idea in Tel Aviv. It is also a city with history, of course, but it also is a modern city with clubs and café; people and fun and night clubs. The city is liberal, and attractive. The city is full with glamour and style. Being so close with so many old towns, Tel Aviv contains some very large buildings with modern architectural design. The fascinating light life, and wind from the Mediterranean Sea will make your tour in Tel Aviv a life time experience.

Dead Sea

Dead Sea is the reason of being proud for the Israeli people. If you are not interested in the historic places of the country, you can visit Israel just for the lowest sea in the world: the Dead Sea. And while you are there, don't bring any life support as you will never drown in this unique sea.

Israel is the country where you cannot go with limited time in hand because it has numerous things to offer to its visitors and none of them is less than the other.

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