College degrees aren't requirements for six figure jobs though attitude, perseverance and a "go get 'em" mindset are key.

Today's times are troubled and turbulent. The ongoing crash of the real estate market has crushed the hopes of many citizens. And that's not all. Your parents lived through a bountiful generation and now you must do more than...

... Study hard
... Work hard
... For 40 years and ...
... A decent pension is all that is needed.

Some employers look unfavorably upon new college graduates who have a "job hop" mentality.

How do you find six figure jobs that give you financial stability and peace of mind?

If you depend on someone else to write you a check for money, you will never achieve that stability and peace of mind that you crave. The willingness to create a six figure mindset is the process to creating six figure jobs for yourself.

Times are always changing and the only guarantee is to change your strategy. Use these 5 steps to find your six figure jobs.

Forbes magazine suggests that many six figure jobs rely on variable pay. The efforts that you put toward your job result in the wages you earn.

Commissioned pay structures ensure that your salary is in direct proportion to the service rendered. Other times, it will mean overtime. In the second case, your salary is depends on how much time you spend away from your family and at work.

The focus of this article is for the independent contractor who is compensated for performance. Salespeople, and business owners, typically are the motivated individuals who earn six figure incomes.

Six figure jobs are easy. Here are five easy steps to help you get started.

1. Have You Looked In The Mirror? The "mindset" component comes into play here. Do you have the motivation and qualities to earn six figure incomes? How are your sales skills?This economy eats those who are "hoping for the best." Are you one of them?

By answering "Yes" to either of these two questions means that you will need to make reevaluations. A successful 6 figure earner is a great strategic planner. Successful earners know exactly what their skills are and what price those skills are worth in the marketplace.

2. A Lead Generation Strategy. The lifeblood of any business is leads. Ensure that you know how to create leads. Successful individuals no longer buy leads today.

Successful sales people attract and generate leads of their own. By what means do they do this? Very easily. Six figure earners know that by providing value, they ensure the sale. By providing quality value and information, they are giving information to others that piques interest and curiosity.

Your lead generation strategy must enable you to create an ongoing list of "warm prospects".

3. A Strategic Action Plan. A famous quote puts it rather succinctly, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!" Business fortunes were made when a clearly written plan was implemented.

Instead of taking the "pot luck" of opportunities out there, create a plan. A plan not implemented will not create the six figure income.

4. Interview Your Prospects To Sell Yourself. This doesn't literally mean that you interview your prospects but that you have completely understood their needs better than they. By knowing exactly what your prospect wants and desires, you are in a better position to provide them with exactly what they want.

A step-by-step action plan ensures that you know when the best time to make a sale occurs. The simple truth is that people hate to be sold but they love to buy. Be the one that enables others to buy.

5. You Must Become A Value Provider. Today's economic conditions dictate that you must become a marketer and sales person to make a six figure income. Provide value, create value and share knowledge. This is a surefire way to effectively create the income you desire. "You are your product," is what should be at the forefront of your mind. The better you understand your value and the knowledge you already have, the better your chances.

Your Six Figure Career

Statistics from Forbes suggests that salespeople and business owners are most likely to earn six figures. To be a six figure earner, consider working as an independent contractor and be the owner and operator of your independent corporation.

You can write your own checks if you are compensated on a commissioned basis. Direct response marketing, your experience and education; take control over these factors.

This economy insists that we are knowledge workers in the sales industry. You are in the business of selling yourself and your services.

It is crucial to understand that long-lasting and profitable career can only happen if you work for yourself.

The network marketing industry is the best way to create your desired lifestyle. Learn the concepts of attraction marketing and apply those skills in this industry.

Reevaluate step #1 if the idea of being an entrepreneur doesn't sound exciting. Do you really want to create your financial lifestyle? Will you let someone else write your pay check?

I created a residual income for myself by following the above steps and I want to share it with you. I mastered direct response marketing, became a source of knowledge, experience and value.

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