Should I quit my job to spend more time with my kids? This is one of the tough decisions mothers have to make. They are torn between their family's need for their time and the income and other benefits they gain from their job. Walking away from a good paying and job can be one of the most traumatic and emotional moments in the life of a mother, but it is worth it.

Quitting for the sake of kids

As a mother, you have limited time within which to be with your children. Children need somebody to be by them when growing up, and the best person is their mother. They need someone to answer their questions, talk to them and show them the way to go. If a mother misses this time to be with her children, it can never be regained. Children measure how much a parent loves them by how much physical contact they have with that parent. Children's worst fear is being neglected by parents, and if a parent does not spend much time with his children, they may feel neglected.

If a parent spends little time at home with the children, the children may tend to feel they are causing the parent to be out of home. This may make children to feel guilty and in the long run, lose self confidence and have low self esteem.

Even before a parent quits the job, he or she needs to consider a few things:

1. Is there an alternative source of income? If a parent quits his job while there is no other source of income or savings, it will put the family into serious trouble. It will be difficult to take care of the children after quitting the job.

2. Think carefully about your decision to quit the job to have time with your children, is it what you want or someone or circumstances are imposing it on you. If it is not your own decision, then it is not advisable to quit as there is a great tendency to regret later on. If you are quitting because of circumstances, do well to improve the circumstances rather than quitting your job.

3. Consider other opportunities that may be open for you after quitting this job.

Quitting some jobs can mar your career forever. If you are thinking of going back to work after sometime with your children, then you need to take this into consideration. Quitting a highly demanding job may not work. Your next potential employer may think you are the type that runs away from responsibility. It may be wise to negotiate with your boss to let you work for lesser hours rather than quit the job.

4. Finally, prepare to quit.

Prepare yourself and your family emotionally for this transition. Let your children know why you are quitting for them (if they are old enough to understand). Explain to the best of their understanding, and tell them how you plan to manage the home without the job.

Your children need you, but if you can work and still give them adequate attention and care, then there is no point to quit your job for your children.

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