Shanghai is a famous place in China as it has historical importance. The attraction of this city as a famous tourist destination for foreign visitors is due to the Jade Buddha Temple. This temple has been constructed with superb architecture and the standardization of the Buddhist rock cut architecture can be briefly overviewed at this place. Most of the foreign tourist visit the place as part of their study tour. We can even see the presence of many monks in the temple.

The next famous tourist spot is the gallery of Pearl in the fresh water. There we can view how to cultivate pearls and the use of pearls. There is one more advantage to visit this point because a lucky winner is selected from the participants and gets a good gift of pearl.

One more magnificent place is People Square. It is rich with plants, trees and greenery that pleases our eyes. These trees and plants are surrounded by large buildings on every side. You can view the large number of doves which denotes the symbol of peace. You can feed these doves that symbolize the national peace. We can experience freshness after visiting this beautiful place.

You can visit Shanghai Museum which will give you many collectibles including old collections. There is something here for everyone. The museum consists of a splendid collection the design of which is based on Feng-Shui. It exhibits more than 1,15,000 pieces that includes ceramics, calligraphy, bronze ware, the traditional Chinese coins, old furniture, western art and jade carving which demonstrates 5000 years historical representation of china. It is recommended that you use an audio phone on rent which will cost you 5 US dollars and can be used for one and half hours. The use of the ear phone provides information about the collectible part which will make your visit memorable.

After lunch break, you can visit the spectacular Yuyuan Garden and the old street in Shanghai. The garden is with wide space and it has a number of halls and springs. The same way you can experience the beautiful sights of Ming and Qing who are a series of rulers or leaders who are all from the same family, or a period when the country was ruled by them. The visit takes you back to the Dynasty of Ming.

The next spot is the Bund which is on the waterfront of Shanghai. It gives the illustration of the architecture of pre-1949. The Bund is a famous landmark which is the symbol of the new and the old Shanghai. In the year 1930, the top banks, business centre, financial centre were established here.

You can visit the silk factory which is good place in Shanghai to learn about Chinese silk. The Chinese silks have been manufactured from the 14th century. It is a great opportunity to purchase these silks at low prices.

Entertainment in Shanghai

The entertainment district in shanghai is Xin Tian Di. The streets are extremely beautiful with the trees lined neatly. You can find restaurants, clubs, and hotels here. This place is the right choice for entertainment and you can have great recreation over here.

Many travel agencies provides hotel pick up and drop facility. You can choose the best travelling company to match your trip budget. You must look for the facilities according to the requirement such as the one where transportation is available in air conditioned buses. Do insist for a suitable guide according to your language. These precautions will be helpful to make your tour successful.

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