Seoul is a perfect travel destination from all points. It has everything a visitor asks for to make a perfect tour. It is smart, it is modern and it's beautiful. Being a very long history with different cultural activities, the city has some major historic remembrance of that part of the world. You will get to see these historical facts in the city as well as a wonderful modern city full of life and color.

Seoul is the capital city of the South Korea and its most important city for political, financial and cultural activities. In Seoul, you have a lot of places to cover and experience. The city has excellent traffic system and for that it won't be difficult for you to find your way.

The Gyeongbok-gung

The Gyeongbok-gung is the center of the famous Joseon Dynasty and the power house of the country for a long time. The Joseon Place museum and the Korean Folk Museum still carry the memory of that time. If you are in Seoul, you must take a visit in these museums to know the ancient Korean culture and history.

The Changdeok-gung

The Changdeok-gung is one of the major historic destinations in the country. Because of its highly valuable historic background and collection of ancient facts, it has been listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The entry to the Changdeok-gung is open to all and to see how the Korean rulers live, you have to go there.

The Deoksu-gung

The Deoksu-gung is another important historic place in the country that you must visit. Like the previous two, this was also the center of power for the country over a long time, and still has lots of signs of that era. Unlike the rest of the country, the architectural deisgn of the Deoksu-gung is deeply influenced by the western style. Because of that, a fantastic combination of classic Korean architectural patter and western pattern has created; giving the whole thing a different angle. If you have enough time in Seoul, use some to pay a visit in this place.


Korea has several mountains and the capital city is not excluded from them. In Seoul, these mountains are widely popular for hiking: Bukhansan, Gwanaksan, Samseongsan and Inwangsan.


The Korean parks are little different and you will have enjoyable moments there. There are quite a few parks in Seoul and among them, these are the most famous: the 4.19 Memorial Cemetery, Boramae Park, Namsan Park, Olympic Park, Tapgol or Pagoda Park, Yangjae Citizen's Forest, Yeouido Park, Yongsan Park and Hangang Citizen's Park.


Korea is a highly spiritual country and greatly influenced by the Buddhists philosophy. Temples are scattered in all over the country. In Seoul, the two major temples are the Jongmyo Shrine and the Mount Inwang. The Jogyes is the most important temple for the Buddhists.

There are also many cultural activities available in Seoul including live performances. Seoul is very popular for shopping. You can make a tour just only for enjoying the modern lifestyle of the city; even if you are not interested in the historical sites of the country.

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